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Radio Station of (Lyric Video) SKYLINE

  • Skyline Pigeon With Lyrics


    Skyline Pigeon By. Elton John

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    Enjoy Watching & Listening.. By: Florabel Anton Mayo (~.~)
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  • Throwback Hits - Best Old Songs 80s 90s - Volume 5


    Throwback Hits - Best Old Songs 80's 90's - Volume 5

    [00:00:00] 01. Two Less Lonely People In The World - Air Supply
    [00:04:00] 02. Just Another Woman In Love - Anne Murray
    [00:06:57] 03. Masterpiece - Atlantic Starr
    [00:11:57] 04. Honesty - Billy Joel
    [00:15:51] 05. Piano In The Dark - Brenda Russell
    [00:21:11] 06. Through The Fire - Chaka Khan
    [00:26:02] 07. Lost In Your Eyes - Debbie Gibson
    [00:29:36] 08. That's What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick
    [00:33:52] 09. Skyline Pigeon - Elton John
    [00:37:45] 10. These Dreams - Heart
    [00:42:05] 11. There's No Easy Way - James Ingram
    [00:45:54] 12. Up Where We Belong - Jennifer Warnes & Joe Cocker
    [00:49:47] 13. The Gift - Jim Brickman Feat. Collin Raye & Susan Ashton
    [00:53:29] 14. Superwoman - Karyn White
    [00:59:18] 15. The Actor - Michael Learns to Rock
    [01:03:49] 16. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough - Patty Smyth Feat. Don Henley
    [01:08:15] 17. Against All Odds - Phil Collins
    [01:11:43] 18. In My Dreams - Reo Speedwagon
    [01:16:13] 19. It Might Be You - Stephen Bishop
    [01:20:28] 20. All This Time - Tiffany

    I do not own the copyright of these songs. All rights belong to their respective owner.


  • Scorpions - Wind Of Change


    Best of Scorpions:
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    Music video by Scorpions performing Wind Of Change. (C) 1991 The Island Def Jam Music Group

    #Scorpions #WindOfChange #Remastered

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  • Michael Learns To Rock Greatest Hits Love Songs With Lyrics


    Michael Learns To Rock Greatest Hits Love Songs Collection. MLTR Best Songs Music Playlist 2020. Relaxing, romantic, sentimental ballads with lyrics.

    MLTR music playlist with photos, special effects, lyrics and originally created thumbnail brought together for your all-in-one MLTR playlist. All songs were allowed by copyright owners for viewing. Be in-LSS with MLTR's love songs!

    Intro [00:00]
    1) That's Why You Go Away [00:10]
    2) Take Me To Your Heart [04:21]
    3) 25 Minutes [08:16]
    4) Paint My Love [12:32]
    5) Sleeping Child [16:20]
    6) The Actor [19:53]
    7) Out Of The Blue [24:32]
    8) You Took My Heart Away [28:21]
    9) Nothing To Lose [32:50]
    10) Complicated Heart [36:47]
    11) The Ghost Of You [41:10]
    12) I'm Gonna Be Around [45:08]
    13) Love Will Never Lie [48:27]
    14) Breaking My Heart [53:00]
    15) How Many Hours [57:01]
    16) If You Leave My World [01:01:41]
    17) Forever And A Day [01:05:48]
    18) I Wanna Dance [01:09:06]
    19) Blue Night [01:12:51]
    20) Someday [01:16:28]
    21) I Still Carry On [01:20:17]

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    Música: Skyline pigeon
    Intérprete: Elton John
    Rock in Rio 2015
    Legendas e tradução: Benê Simões

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  • Inspector Mills By America With Lyrics


    Inspector Mills By America With Lyrics

    Inspector Mills I'd like to tell you 'bout a girl I saw
    At a party just the other night in Beverly Hills
    Inspector Mills I hope you find her and it don't take long
    Watch my feelings for her growing strong in a war of wills
    Inspector Mills

    I can't attempt to point you in her direction
    I didn't see her walking out of the door
    If I had taken my time she'd be standing here still
    Inspector Mills

    I recall once in my life I felt this way before
    But I let her go and closed the door, walk away
    Inspector Mills I can't attempt to show the hurt in me
    And just how much I need the company; search the valleys and the hills
    You gotta find her Mr. Mills

    I can't attempt to point you in her direction
    I was blinded by the look in her eyes
    If I had taken my time she'd be sitting here still
    Inspector Mills

    Oo, someday soon I might be in love with her

    Inspector Mills I guess you've taken quite a look around
    Guess I've heard the word from underground, she's gone for good
    Inspector Mills is it any crime for a fool like me
    Try to use your time 'cause I wanna see; you just send me the bill
    Inspector Mills, Inspector Mills

    I can't attempt to point you in her direction
    I didn't see her walking out of the door
    If I had taken my time she'd be lying here still
    Inspector Mills, Inspector

    I can't attempt to point you in her direction
    I was blinded by the look in her eyes
    If I had just followed through then I wouldn't be calling you

    America Biography
    The History of America
    The year 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of perennial classic-rock favorite, America. Founding members, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell (along with former band mate Dan Peek) met in high school in London in the late 1960s and quickly harmonized their way to the top of the charts on the strength of their signature song A Horse With No Name. America became a global household name and paved the way with an impressive string of hits following the success of their first #1 single. Forty years later, these friends are still making music together, touring the world and thrilling audiences with their timeless sound.

    America's journey has found them exploring a wide variety of musical terrain. Their best-known tunes, which also include I Need You, Ventura Highway, Don't Cross The River, Tin Man, Lonely People, and Sister Golden Hair were cornerstones of 1970's Top 40 and FM rock radio. Yet beyond their impressive catalog of hits, listeners would discover there was always much more to America than surface perceptions. The combination of Gerry Beckley's melodic pop rock and Dewey Bunnell's use of folk-jazz elements, slinky Latin-leaning rhythms and impressionistic lyric imagery contrasted well with Dan Peek's more traditional country-rock leanings and highly personal lyrics.

    America's albums--six certified gold and/or platinum, with their first greatest hits collection, History, hitting four+ million in sales--displayed a fuller range of the trio's talents than did their singles. Their material encompassed an ambitious artistic swath; from effects-laden rockers to oddball medleys to soul-bearing ballads, America displayed a flawless blend of disparate genres and styles as wide-open as the great American plains.

    Enjoying massive success early in their career, America earned their stripes as musical soldiers on the battlefield amidst the excess, craziness and chaos of the 70's. The trio won the Grammy® for Best New Artist in 1972 and began
    working with George Martin and Geoff Emerick in 1974. This successful team
    went on to record seven albums and several Top Ten hits, including Tin Man and Sister Golden Hair.

    By the mid-70s, inter-band conflicts combined with an exhaustive touring and recording schedule exacted its toll on the group. With Peek's departure from the fold in 1977, his band mates rose to the challenge and carried on as a duo. Shifts in sound and direction, changes in producers and managers, and a renewed dedication to the craft of songwriting helped rocket America to the upper reaches of the pop charts in 1982 with their smash single, You Can Do Magic. During this tumultuous time in their career, Beckley and Bunnell immersed themselves in their craft, infusing a newfound maturity into their rich body of work. Their growth as singers, songwriters and musicians has continued into the present day as illustrated by landmark releases such as 2000's Highway 3-disc box set, 2002's Holiday Harmony, an album comprised of seasonal classics and live showcases, 2007's Here & Now and 2009's Live In Concert: Wildwood Springs.

  • Lobo - How Can I Tell Her About You


    How Can I Tell Her – Lobo | Bagaimana bisa aku menceritakan tentang dirimu dihadapanya, sementara bersamamu dunia yang jungkir balik ini seperti benar adanya jika bersamamu. bagaimana mungkin aku bercerita kehebatanmu yang malah menjadikan seolah satu perbandingan tentang cinta, wahai wanita bagaimana caranya aku menerangkan bahwa dirimu ada diantara ini semua ...

    Makna lagu ini menceritakan tentang seseorang yang tak mampu bercerita pada seorang wanita yang baik kepadanya, bahwa dia sudah memiliki wanita lain di hatinya.
    *Komunikasi adalah sebuah jembatan yang menghubungkan dua titik yang berbeda arah dan posisi*

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    - Careless Whisper - George Michael (Lirik Terjemah)

    - Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton (Lirik terjemah)

    - Knife - Rockwell (Lirik Terjemah)

    She knows when I'm lonesome, she cried when I'm sad
    She's up in the good times, she's down in the bad
    Whenever I'm discouraged, she knows just what to do
    But girl, she doesn't know about you

    I can tell her my troubles, she makes them all seem right
    I can make up excuses not to hold her at night
    We can talk of tomorrow, I'll tell her things that I want to do
    But girl, how can I tell her about you?
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  • Tom Jones, Engelbert, The Cascades, Matt Monro, Elvis Presley, Paul Anka - Oldies Songs Ever


    Tom Jones, Engelbert, The Cascades, Matt Monro, Elvis Presley, Paul Anka - Oldies Songs Ever
    Tom Jones, Engelbert, The Cascades, Matt Monro, Elvis Presley, Paul Anka - Oldies Songs Ever
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    For educational purposes only and no copyright infringement intended.
    Lyrics provided by
    About the artist:
    Luther Ronzoni Vandross (April 20, 1951 -- July 1, 2005) was an American singer-songwriter and record producer. During his career, Vandross sold over twenty-five million albums and won eight Grammy Awards including Best Male R&B Vocal Performance four times. He won four Grammy Awards in 2004 including the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for the track Dance with My Father, co-written with Richard Marx.
    Vandross suffered from diabetes and hypertension, both of which ran in his family.
    On April 16, 2003, Vandross suffered a stroke at his home in New York City. At the time of his stroke, he had just finished the final vocals for the album Dance With My Father. His collaborator on the album was pop star Richard Marx, whom Vandross had met in 1989. Vandross appeared briefly on videotape at the 2004 Grammy Awards to accept his Song of the Year Award, where he said, When I say goodbye it's never for long because I believe in the power of love. Other than an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, he was never seen in public again.
    Vandross died on July 1, 2005 at John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey at the age of 54. The apparent cause of his death was a heart attack.
    After two days of viewing at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel, his funeral was held at Riverside Church in New York City on July 8, 2005. Vandross was interred at George Washington Memorial Park in Paramus, New Jersey. Much of his estate was left to friends and his godson Mark West.
    For additional text, please refer to;
    Luther Vandross
    at Wkipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Dont Cry Joni by Lalchhanchhuaha feat Zualbawihi


    Music in this video -
    Conway Twitty - Don't Cry Joni (Karaoke)

    ►Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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    Hmingtea Renthlei Videography (2017)
    Mizoram, Northeast India.

  • Musika ang buhay na aking tinataglay


  • Beautiful In White //lirik lagu inggris


  • AirSupply❤ Best Songs AirSupply❤ Greatest Hits Full Album


  • King and Queen of Hearts - David Pomeranz


  • Ever Since the World Began - Survivor


    music video with lyrics
    watch in high quality

  • TOUCH BY TOUCH-by-Joycreated by:Zairah



  • THE LEGENDS Engelbert Humperdinck,Matt Monro - Oldies But Goodies


    THE LEGENDS Engelbert Humperdinck,Matt Monro

  • Scorpions - Wind of Change with lyrics


    Scorpions - Wind of Change with lyrics

    music by the Scorpions
    video by derKiller666
    lyrics by magistrix

    I don't want any profit with this video!
    All rights are by the artists!

  • Wonderful tonight - Eric Clapton


    The song:
    Wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton
    with lyrics

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  • Elton John - Skyline Pigeon


    B-side of the hit-single Daniel (1972). Music by Elton John; lyrics by Bernie Taupin.


    Turn me loose from your hands
    Let me fly to distant lands
    Over green fields, trees and mountains
    Flowers and forest fountains
    Home along the lanes of the skyway
    For this dark and lonely room
    Projects a shadow cast in gloom
    And my eyes are mirrors
    Of the world outside
    Thinking of the way
    That the wind can turn the tide
    And these shadows turn
    From purple into grey
    For just a Skyline Pigeon
    Dreaming of the open
    Waiting for the day
    He can spread his wings
    And fly away again
    Fly away skyline pigeon fly
    Towards the dreams
    You've left so very far behind
    Just let me wake up in the morning
    To the smell of new mown hay
    To laugh and cry, to live and die
    In the brightness of my day
    I want to hear the pealing bells
    Of distant churches sing
    But most of all please free me
    From this aching metal ring
    And open out this cage towards the sun.

    Bernie Taupin: That's a song with a history. I think, funnily enough, Skyline Pigeon was the first really good song that we ever wrote. I think it was a lanmark as far as our writing was concerned - it was a good blend of lyrics and melody. It was originally included on the Empty Sky album, and was also one of the first songs that we wrote that was covered. There was a guy called Roger Cook that wanted to record it, and in order for him to record it, Dick James gave part of the publishing to him. We obviously liked the song enough to re-record it later on, and I think it also turned up on a couple of live albums. Most recently it turned up again, because at AIDS victim Ryan White's funeral Elton played it, and if I'm not mistaken, there's a quote from it on Ryan's grave, 1992.



    No one can ever love you and care for you more than I do...

    DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. This video is for entertainment purpose only and not for any kind of monetary gain. I do not own nor claim to own anything in this video. The song and the photo(s)/gif image(s) are the sole property of their rightful and lawful owners. Thank you so much for uploading and sharing those lovely photo(s)/gif image(s) in the net. This song is one of my favorite songs. I just give tribute and praise to the song, the singer and the people behind this song by creating this video and sharing it with all the music lovers out there like me. All credit goes to the song owners, writers, composers, singers and owners of photo(s)/gif image(s), as I thank them wholeheartedly.

  • White Lion - Till Death Do Us Part w/ lyrics


    Till Death Do Us Part a track from their 1991 Mane Attraction album.

  • WONDERFUL TONIGHT-by-Eric Claptoncreated by:Zairah



  • Knife - Rockwell


    with lyrics

  • Stuck on You - Lionel Richie - With Lyrics


    Stuck on You is a song written by and originally recorded by Lionel Richie. It was the 4th single released from his 2nd studio album Can't Slow Down which was released on May 1, 1984, by Motown.

    Stuck on You achieved chart success, particularly in the U.S. and the UK, where it peaked at number three and number 12, respectively.

    I own nothing. © 1984 Lionel Richie. All rights reserved by the artist.

  • Shes Gone Lyrics On Screen by Steel Heart


    She's Gone Lyrics On Screen by Steel Heart.
    - - - - -
    Please note : I don't own either the picture or video or the song for this song, all copyright is held by their respective owners.
    This video is just fans made and will not used for illegal sharing, making any profit or something like that.

  • ONE FRIEND - Dan Seals


    If I had only one friend left, I'd want it to be you.

  • Count On You with Lyrics - Tommy Shaw


  • The Gift - Jim brickman Lyrics


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  • On this day by David Pomeranz with lyrics


    On This Day
    A song by David Pomeranz

  • Just Once-James Ingram with lyrics


    Credit to James Ingram

    Just Once-James Ingram

    Thought of the day

  • Upside Down By 6CycleMind with Lyrics


    Single by: 6cyclemind

    Release:July 2007

    Genre:alternative rock


  • Maybe This Time || Lyrics || Michael Murphy


  • You Decorated My Life - Kenny Rogers HD


    The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein

  • HAVING YOU NEAR ME By:Air Supply




    love song with lyrics and loves notes inside

  • Dont Know What To Say || Lyrics || Ric Segreto


    Don't Know What To Say
    (Don't Know What To Do)
    with lyrics by Ric Segreto

  • VICTIMS OF LOVE-Joe Lamont


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  • Through The Years by Kenny Rogers w / Lyrics


    Through The Years by Kenny Rogers w / Lyrics



    Donde estas Ahora ( Nazareth ) 1983

  • You & I by: Kenny Rogers


    You & I by: Kenny Rogers (LYRICS)

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  • COUNT ON YOU -by- Tommy Shaw


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  • How Can I Tell Her BY.LOBO With LYRICS.wmv


  • MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL -by- Air Supplycreated by:Zairah


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  • Desert Moon || Lyrics || Dennis De Young


  • You Needed Me - Anne Murray


    I cried a tear, you wiped it dry. I was confused, you cleared my mind. I sold my soul, you bought it back for me ....

  • Leader of the Band


    Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg, an acoustic cover performed by Mike Massé. Thank you to all the kind viewers from the Philippines. Please remember to like and subscribe.
    Listen on Spotify: Buy on iTunes: Mike’s 80-song collection, “Covers (Mostly Live)”:
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    Dedicated to my father, Robert Massé. While not a musician, he support and encouraged my musical efforts (as did my mom) from an early age, and bought me guitars, a Yamaha DX-7, etc., when we really couldn’t afford it.

    Mike plays a Martin D-41 in this song, the same guitar Dan Fogelberg used to use. Mike resides in Denver, Colorado.

    Check out my blog post about this song, which includes Scott Slusher's interview with Dan's niece, Kate Fogelberg:

    Recording notes:
    The vocals chain = Neumann KMS 105 to UA 6176 to UA Apollo Quad to Cubase Pro 8.5
    The guitar chain = Neumann KM 184's (stereo pair) to Great River ME-1NV x2 to UA Apollo Quad to Cubase Pro 8.5
    I also recorded the pickup signal and processed it with the UA Sound Machine Wood Works plug-in, and blended it with the stereo mic signals.

    Video was shot by Valia Massé, Timmy Massé, and Mike Massé, edited by Mike Massé. The camera was a Canon EOS 70D with a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens. The video was edited in Sony Vegas Pro 13.



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