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Radio Station of CUTE SONG

  • cute songs to help you cope with depression


    cute mixes playlist ????

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    all of this amazing music is by frad ^-^

    0:00 - first date
    2:53 - the girl i have a crush on
    5:11 - 喫茶店
    8:37 - while you were away

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    Artwork by pfeffersteak

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  • cute lofi mix songs to help you be happy - 寛げる J A P A N E S E L O F I F U T U R E B A S S


    hi guys ! This video is about the 10k special, this means i will also upload this kind of content not just piano music. I hope not to disappoint you with this news because I am very excited to upload this type of content.

    Draw by: me ig: @noadraws_ / twt: @nightlixx

    our playlist:

    ► t r a c k l i s t:

    ❑ 00:00 frad- first date
    ❑ 2:51 could youth- nearby
    ❑ 6:42 moo- space potatoes
    ❑ 8:44 Blue Wednesday- new shoes
    ❑ 10:35 burbank - sorry, i like you
    ❑ 12:38 Joey Pecoraro - music of happiness
    ❑ 16:17 ibrahim- bullet train fantasy (w/ luvbird)
    ❑ 20:18 omae wa mou
    ❑ 22:11 wave racer- bubble wrap
    ❑ 24:58 snails house- grape soda

    ** is not chill like one of the videos that I upload in my channel, they are cute beats but like japanese anime lofi.

    •ᴥ• s o c i a l m e d i a:
    ❏ Twitter:
    ❏ Instagram:
    ❏ Wattpad:
    ❏ SoundCloud:
    ❏ Spotify:
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    ミュージック - 寛げる
    rainy lofi mix
    future bass
    future bass anime

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  • cute songs to help you cope with anxiety


    cute mixes playlist

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    all tracks are by biosphere and his new tape rekindle the past

    0:00 - plain plaid purple morning
    02:15 - bouquet of balloons
    05:19 - spring carousal [w/ park bird]
    07:16 - i'll be there
    9:08 - waltz in the meadows
    11:03 - forest queen
    13:08 - freudian summer
    15:22 - pastel sunset [w/ barnes blvd.]
    18:24 - evanescent [w/ yutaka hirasaka]
    20:57 - sleepy woods
    23:06 - the sakuras will cry for you [w/ aimless]
    24:49 - amputated soul
    27:32 - her shadow [w/ ibrahim]
    29:25 - starstruck


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    Beautiful artwork by pfeffersteak


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    Song: oblivion remix (ft. Lily Potter)

    She’s an amazing artist and creator of the song please check out her other music, thank you :)

    ➤ Thank you for listening! ???? Come back soon :)

    ➤Chill Beats Uploaded

    -oblivion remix (ft. Lily Potter)

    Follow the very talented Lily Potter here:

    -Music Genre?
    main genre: lofi hip-hop
    other genres : chillhop/ambiant/electronic...

    ➤Any questions? contact me via mail

    ➤If any artist/label has an issue with their music being included in the stream, please contact me by mail.

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  • First date but its so relaxing... 1 Hour


    Just relaxing music while your playing/studying ORIGINAL:

  • Cute songs to help you cope with depression | 1 hour version | aesthetic music


    here's the original song

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  • Point the star/ Remake - Lofi music...



    My Instagram:

    If you are a dreamer, like to enjoy strange sounds, instrumental music or the sound of the instrument. Make the soul relaxed and free, then this is the gr8 place for you.

    ^-^ Like, share and subscribe if you like this ^-^.

    Simply that I shared a music that you might never ever listen. If there is a copyright complaint in the video, please contact the owner directly via email:
    ( Thanks for ur cooperate

  • cute songs to help you cope with loneliness


    cute mixes playlist ????

    0:00 - luv letters | frad
    2:46 - stalgia | H E R B
    3:53 - sleepy soda | sayuw
    5:26 - still waiting for her | flovry
    8:02 - strawberry jam sandwich | park bird
    10:06 - sunsets across the horizon | sad boy with a laptop
    12:16 - foot steps | park bird


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    Artwork by pfeffersteak


    H E R B



    park bird

    sad boy with a laptop

  • homework & study (ミュージック)


    Lofi chill study beats - lo fi hiphop mix. 1 hour study background music playlist mixtape, for work, study, reading, drawing, sleep. Enjoy~

    べんきょう おんがく

    #RLIFE MERCH ???? ⫸


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    homework and study ミュージック (music)

    Want to be featured?
    Submit your Music & Art here ▹

    We have permission to use all materials (music and art), so please don't use without permission :)

    00:00 Ibrahim - quiet dreams of crowns and metamorphosis .
    03:35 Aso - waiting .
    07:15 J L - Summertime .
    09:30 latejune - Fall From Love .
    11:44 aForeTime - Im Sorry .
    13:32 City Girl - soft static sky on early mornings .
    16:22 KEEM.THE.CIPHER - Blossom (with Sugi.wa) ,
    18:32 Silk.y. - keep It (Dream Easy Exclusive) .
    20:44 Somar - sunny ,
    23:16 Somar - My Window (Feat. EQNX & Joseph Jacobs) ,
    25:53 latejune - roses left behind .
    28:38 mommy hilfiger - it rained when i first saw her (ft. meybirb) .
    30:14 Kenai - Nobody Know .
    33:15 Player Dave - Can't Remember .
    35:40 Ibrahim - sharing an umbrella .
    38:10 Elijah who - You don't even have to try
    39:31 j'san - This feels too good .
    41:21 j'san &er the trees .
    43:13 latejune - why bother .
    45:26 Biosphere - morning fog .
    46:53 j'san - soothing sh!t .
    48:13 C O C O N O U T - Les Amoureux .
    51:06 Artesiia - her .
    52:51 biosphere - down by the brook .
    54:52 Kendal Miles - Light year love (with Somar) .
    56:49 Ibrahim - as the stars tremble .
    59:14 mommy hilfiger - spilled milk .

    Artwork by Naela Ali

    R L I F E (business enquiries)
    NEW facebook page :

    Daily Essentials ⫸
    ATX Headphone (M40x for monitoring)
    MBP 13 NTB
    Note 9 (draw on the go)
    Rode Mic
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    homework and study music (ミュージック)
    Study and homework music
    1 hour study, work playlist
    Studying, working music
    Background music for work, reading and sleep.
    Study music for final exam to get A+
    cute songs for work lofi
    late night study session
    1 am 3 am study playlist
    beats for study sleep relax
    lofi for study
    lofi songs 
    lofi hip hop mix Background music for work, reading and sleep.
    Background music, BGM, cafe, study bgm, study background musicrainy lofi mix
    Music to focus, concentrate
    Work music bgm jazzhop cafe music
    Background music, BGM, cafe, study bgm, study background music

    homework & study (music )(ミュージック)

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  • ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ᴠɪʙᴇꜱ ᴏɴʟʏ???? lofi/chill mix


    Everything looks cute when it's small

    ???? Spotify :

    my lovely weapons_

    0:00 the girl I have a crush on
    2:17 blossoms(wbloom)
    4:50 unrequited love
    7:19 first date
    10:14 喫茶店


    Follow me_
    ➳ Soundcloud :
    ➳ Spotify :
    ➳Instagram :
    ➳Twitter :
    ➳ Facebook :

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  • cute songs to help you relax and stay calm


    cute mixes playlist

    all music is by my amazingly talented friend aqualina ♡

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    0:00 - dawn
    2:46 - life goes on
    4:46 - blossom
    6:36 - december sun
    8:38 - tea for one
    10:22 - listless
    12:19 - one sided love
    14:20 - wistful
    16:25 - april showers
    18:32 - memory lane
    21:32 - ambedo

    Listen to this mix on Spotify



    Spotify Playlist

    Artwork by tokivi

  • hi youre cool, wanna get bubble tea?


    Listen to this whole mix on Spotify

    all music is by sad boy with a laptop

    1. 0:00 - hi you're cool, wanna get bubble tea?
    2. 2:00 - you're my favorite person to be around
    3. 5:38 - let's talk till the sun comes up
    4. 8:50 - i fell for you in a coffee shop
    5. 10:54 - hanako
    6. 14:54 - there's just something about you
    7. 17:58 - silent confessions

    ♡ mixes playlist

    ???? sad boy with a laptop

    ☕ Ambition

    ???? Artwork by shelliihe

  • First date but its so relaxing...


    Just relax~

    ➼ Original song : Jump Up, Super Star!
    ➼ Link :

    ➼ Original music : First Date - FRAD
    ➼ Link :

    ➼ Version relaxing par : moi
    ➼ Logiciels utilisés : Audacity ༶ Avee Player

    ╳ WARNING ╳

    ???? L'image utilisée ainsi que la musique ne m'appartiennent pas ????

  • limbo • airplane mode


    ʚ listen on spotify / soundcloud :

    ʚ buy for only $1 :

    ʚ support limbo :

    ʚ artwork by : sarlisart ♡ (sᴀʀᴀʜ ʟ.)

    ʚ support miukie :
    ∷ links
    ∷ patreon

    ʚ lyrics :

    ♪ i need to not pick up my phone
    i’ll go straight to airplane mode
    find something to do i know
    i can be a little bit cold

    but my third eye
    is going blind
    i’m unaligned
    with my body and mind
    its playing tricks
    i say i’m fine
    but really it's hurtin' me deep inside

    i’ve been dreaming bout you
    i’ve been wishin that i was next to you
    i've been dreaming of us
    i've been thinking this is not a need or a must

    love has treated me so so wrong
    this year all i've got to show are songs
    and i want to be
    super duper true
    to you
    but god i don’t know what to do
    cuz last year i was just 22
    feels like it up and flew
    so far away and out of view
    but 23 seems like me and you

    i’ve been dreaming bout you
    i’ve been wishin i was next to you
    i’ve been dreaming of us
    i’ve been thinking this is not a need or a must

    i know sometimes i make you feel insane
    i'm sorry thats just how i play this stupid game
    i can't act like a child and disobey
    all that you want from me and that you say
    i'm sorry baby
    please puppy
    i’m trying to be
    ultra mega happy
    and show you my smile
    and send you my feelings
    and fuck - it is so hard
    being so damn far
    i guess i’ll just stay here
    stay singing in my car?
    (i'll sing in my car)

    i’ve been dreaming bout you
    i’ve been wishin i was next to you
    i’ve been dreaming of us
    i’ve been thinking this is not a need or a must

    i've been waiting on you
    i've been waiting for you to tell me those three words too
    i've been hoping it's true
    that one day i'll feel like i am something real for you ♪

    #ʜᴀᴠᴇᴀɴɪᴄᴇᴅᴀʏ + #ɪʟʏ.

  • 1 hour of kpop piano music | s t u d y & r e l a x | September 2019


    This kpop piano music is about for whatever you want: read, work, studying, relax... enjoy it! :3 ♡
    For this September many of the countries we return to the school, so I have prepared this kpop playlist for people who want to.

    Esta playlist de kpop piano es para lo que tu quieras: estudiar, leer, relajarse... Disfruta :3♡
    Para este septimebre muchos de los paises volvemos al instituto, entonces he preparado esta kpop playlist para la gente que quiera.


    Salut ~
    Cette playlist de piano kpop est pour tout ce que vous voulez: étudier, lire, vous détendre ... Profitez: 3 ♡
    Pour ce mois de septembre, de nombreux pays dans lesquels nous retournons à l'institut, j'ai donc préparé cette liste de kpop piano pour les personnes qui le souhaitent.

    our playlist:

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    p l a y l i s t ????

    ❏ 00: 00- 03:54 Euphoria - Jungkook
    ❏ 03: 54- 07:22 Insomnia -StrayKids
    ❏ 07: 22- 10:47 Don’t Wanna Cry— SEVENTEEN
    ❏ 10: 49- 14:33 Palette - IU
    ❏ 14: 34- 18:51 La Vie en Rose— IZ * ONE
    ❏ 18: 52- 22:36 Home— SEVENTEEN
    ❏ 22: 37- 25:44 Countless— SHINee
    ❏ 25: 43- 29:04 Save me— BTS
    ❏ 29: 04- 33:36 YES or YES — Twice
    ❏ 33: 36- 37:22 UN Village— Baekhyun
    ❏ 37: 22- 41:04 iKON— Love Scenario
    ❏ 41: 05- 45:58 Power— EXO
    ❏ 45: 59- 48:33 Humph! - PENTAGON
    ❏ 48: 34- 52:24 Crown— TXT
    ❏ 52: 25- 56:20 Stay— BLACKPINK
    ❏ 56: 20- 59:32 BBIBBI — IU
    ❏ 59: 32- 1:00:27 Sunny Summer— GFRIEND

    ✰ c r e d i t s:
    ❐ Smyang Piano:
    ❐ DooPiano:
    ❐ Pair Piano:
    ❐ Fab Project:
    ❐ iPianoDude:
    ❐ Lunar Piano:
    ❐ chillOwlPiano:
    ❐ SarahK.Piano:

    •ᴥ• s o c i a l m e d i a:
    T w i t t e r:
    I n s t a g r a m:
    W a t t p a d:
    S o u n d C l o u d:
    s p o t i f y:
    p i n t e r e s t:



    A chill mix of tracks by mell-ø & Ambulo
    Lo-fi/Jazzhop beats mix
    Chill & Relaxing

    ???? Listen to more chill mixes - ????

    0:00 Childhood Memories (w/ Ambulo)
    1:40 Solace (w/ Ambulo)
    3:25 Afloat Again (w/ Ambulo)
    5:20 Breathe (w/ Ambulo)
    7:29 Dozing Off (w/ Ambulo)
    9:35 Stay The Same (w/ Ambulo)
    11:38 Gloom (w/ Ambulo)
    13:50 Branches (w/ Pointy Features)
    15:53 Solitude (feat. Trxxshed)
    17:22 Epilogue (w/ Ambulo)



    Pointy Features


    Artwork by Lines Lyfe

    ???? bootleg????
    soundcloud -
    twitter -
    instagram -
    spotify -

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  • Cavetown - This Is Home // LYRICS


    I didn't know Cavetown wrote the lyrics to the song Cut My Hair, which gained​ popularity fast. Only until someone commented about the song This Is Home I was curious so I checked it out and had to make a video for it.

    Make sure to follow and listen to our Spotify Playlist for all of our favorite uploaded songs!

    Show Cavetown some love and listen to him singing this song again ❤️

    Support Cavetown ⇟ ⇟ ⇟

    Artwok // Phazed :

    Edit: Cut My Hair is a remix of this song (the original). Lots of people are confused in the comment section so help each other out ❤️

    Edit: wow you guys are flooding in out of no where thanks so much for 700 subscribers! ♥️

    Edit again: Dude... 21 Million!? that's amazing :')

    lyrics below

    Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess
    This avoids the stress of falling out of it
    Are you tired of me yet?
    I’m a little sick right now but I swear
    When I’m ready I will fly us out of here

    I’ll cut my hair
    To make you stare
    I’ll hide my chest
    And I’ll figure out a way to get us out of here

    Turn off your porcelain face
    I can’t really think right now and this place
    Has too many colors enough to drive all of us insane
    Are you dead? Sometimes I think I’m dead
    Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head
    But I don’t wanna fall asleep just yet

    My eyes went dark
    I don’t know where
    My pupils are
    But I’ll figure out a way to get us out of here

    Get a load of this monster
    He doesn’t know how to communicate
    His mind is in a different place
    Will everybody please give him a little bit of space?

    Get a load of this trainwreck
    His hair’s a mess and he doesn’t know who he is yet
    But little do we know, the stars
    Welcome him with open arms

    Time is
    Tracing his face
    But strangely he feels at home in this place

    I don't own anything! Nor do I make any profit out of ANY of my uploads. Support the artist(s) of this song and show them more love than me. I'm just promoting music because I feel they need recognition.

  • Cute Korean & Japanese songs PLAYLIST????


    I'm greatful to you to pick this playlist
    Songs used:
    00:00 cinnamons - 君の虜になってしまえば
    04:16 deadman 死人 - Omae Wa Mou (Tiny Little Adiantum Remix)
    06:24 【歌ってみた】ハロ - ハワユ【鹿乃】
    10:53 Kana Hanazawa - Sweet Parade
    14:53 Plastic - Gangnam Station Gate 4 (Inst.)
    18:57 BOL4 - Bom (나만, 봄)
    22:34 장희원 (Jung Hee Won) - 5cm [feat. 김민석 (Kim Kim Seok) of 멜로망스 (MeloMance)]
    25:31 STANDING EGG - 친구에서 연인
    28:40 Park Kyung feat. Park Boram - Ordinary Love
    32:33 GOT7 - 매일 Everyday
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    thank you for watching.????

  • Study Sleep Relax ???? Meditation - Monoman .beautiful comment section peaceful relaxing soothing


    In every happy moment, I know an inevitable shadow, the Sadness, is coming. So I tend to feel both sentiments at the same time. I made this tune in one of these moments.

    I am also comforted in the comment section that cheers each other. Thank you.

    - Spotify
    - Apple Music

    consider subscribing me ????

    ☆special thanks to★
    Puuung for suggesting this great idea. (Animation by Puuung)

    ☆Grafolio original song link★

    ♥ Get mp3 and Sheet music (TAB included!!)
    - Become a Patron on Patreon


    Copyrightⓒ2019 MONOMAN All rights reserved


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Meditation · Monoman

    Released on: 2019-01-22
    Auto-generated by YouTube.

    #study #sleep #relaxing

  • slowed sad songs to cry to at 2am.


    songs list (in order) :-
    1. before you go - lewis Capaldi

    2. say you won't let go - james arthur

    3. see you again - wiz khalifa, charlie puth

    4. hold on - chord overstreet

    5. run to you - lea michele

    6. dusk till dawn - zayn malik, sia

    7. falling - harry styles

    thanks for watching.✨
    new videos twice a week.✨

    #slowedsongs #sadsongs #slowedsadsongs #2amsongs #2amsadsongs #music #beforeyougo #lewiscapaldi #sayyouwontletgo #jamesarthur #seeyouagain #wizkhalifa #charlieputh #holdon #chordoverstreet #thevampirediaries #runtoyou #leamichele
    #dusktilldawn #zaynmalik #sia #falling #harrystyles #carpediem #music #animeaesthetic #anime #aesthetic

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    carpe diem ✨

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  • Sad songs playlist 2020 that will make you cry ????????


    Sad songs playlist 2020 that will make you cry that I makes for you guys.Hope you guys like this sad song playlist.

    If you guys like it I might do more in future.Comment down below if you want more video like this!Take care♡︎♥︎

    Remember to subscribe my channel for more
    Click the ???? to stay updated on the latest uploads!

    ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????♥︎ ????ℎ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????

    Disclaimer:I don't own any of these songs

    Watch My Tik Tok Songs:

    Song List:
    00:00 Get YouThe Moon -Kina ft.Snow
    02:59 This City -Sam Fisher
    06:28 All I Want -Kodaline
    11:20 Say Something -A Great Big World
    14:58 Anchor -Novo Amor
    19:08 Surrender -Natalie Taylor

    #sadsongs2020 #sadsongthatmakeyoucry #sadsongsplaylist #sadsongforsadpeople #englishsadsongs#sad #songs #playlist #2020

  • cute songs to help you cope with stress & anxiety


    cute mixes playlist ????

    Subscribe if you enjoyed!

    all music by Oui Lele and his album After the Storm ^-^

    0:00 after the storm
    3:02 organic
    5:45 softy
    8:24 t-shirt
    10:58 moments
    13:38 puddles
    17:02 solitude
    19:46 hug me

    Listen to this on Spotify!

    Oui Lele


    cute little duck artwork by rosarrie

  • lofi songs for slow days


    listening to lofi on a slow afternoon
    ???? Lofi / Chill Beats ????
    Sad & Moody mix

    More sad and chill songs -

    0:00 NOGYMX - bikes at the pier 

    3:01 Kurt Stewart - wait for you

    5:24 COSMONKEY - Rainy

    8:35 ENRA & dr. niar - silhouette

    10:46 Ouska - Homies

    13:26 xx.JBG - There She Was.

    15:38 Thaehan - Ocean

    17:15 Mell-ø -Beneath The Trees

    artwork by @bootleganime

    ???? bootleg ????
    soundcloud -
    twitter -
    instagram -
    spotify -
    discord -
    *NEW MERCH* -

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  • you cant control my heart


    you can't control my heart - lofi hiphop mix feat. shiloh
    ???? Lofi/Chill Beats ????

    0:00 again (ft. shiloh)
    2:33 imagination (ft. shiloh)
    4:56 you can't control my heart (ft. shiloh)
    7:24 you are loving (ft. shiloh)
    9:05 losing interest (ft. shiloh)

    All tracks by timmies

    artwork by @c.a.chou

    ???? bootleg ????
    soundcloud -
    twitter -
    instagram -
    signed prints -

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  • ✧ aesthetic songs ruined by tiktok // chill out playlist ✧


    #tiktok #aesthetic #cutesongs

    All songs are not mine and are only used for entertainment purposes only.

  • Shiloh Dynasty Chill Mix


    Some of my favourite songs with Shiloh Dynasty.
    Share whith someone who will be crazy for it!
    As soon as I'll be able to I'll post the minute and the title of all the songs.
    Listen and enjoy yourself with her incredible voice.

    My definitive Shiloh Dynasty Playlist:

    Check My Patreon:

    Song List
    0:01 - is it too much to ask for.
    1:45 - im drunk and confused.
    3:14 - not even her.
    5:11 - u're mine.
    7:06 - imagination.
    9:35 - i'll bite your soul.
    11:40 - tell me why im waiting.
    13:43 - i'll keep you safe.
    15:10 - losing interest.

  • songs to help you calm your anxiety lofi | jazzhop | chill mix


    its back up again :)




    ❢❢Patreon If you wanna help a broke soul out:

    discord server:

    00:00 Kavv-Now that you're gone
    02:00 Too ugly- Natural flavor
    03:33 Aekasora- Runaway dream
    05:47 Towser-Monday rain
    07:56 Kavv-Falling
    09:33 fyro-pay for love
    12:08 Wünsche- take em back
    13:45 Omar w/ slipfunc -Warm thoughts
    16:36 Omar-Journey

  • cute sad songs for lonely people


    cute mixes playlist

    1. 0:00 - leaping through time - stream error
    2. 2:15 - above us - H.1
    3. 5:14 - fragments - H.1
    4. 7:42 - La distanza - H.1
    5. 9:51- blue - H.1
    6. 12:01 - can't see - H.1
    7. 13:56 - leaves - H.1
    8. 16:19 - 1844 - H.1
    9. 20:00 - further - H.1
    10. 22:56 - opening - H.1
    11. 25:37 - Tell me about - H.1
    12. 27:22 - distance - H.1

    artwork by pfeffersteak



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  • 3:30 a.m. ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix study/sleep/homework music


    ???? Feardog's Spotify playlists:

    ▬★Subscribe and click the bell icon for more chill hip hop beats ♫♪★▬

    ►I want to thank each and every one of you for 100 THOUSAND subscribers! It has been one of my biggest goals and we did it in just a little over a year which is absolutely astounding! Here is a sequel of my most popular mix - 3 a.m. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] (Study/Sleep/Relax music). This mix is great for studying, gaming, meditatng, sleeping or just chilling in general! I hope all of you have a fantastic day/night!!



    00:05 jishle - Remnants of Summer
    02:04 tzelun - searching
    04:11 Kerusu - First Snow
    07:22 Kerusu - Stay With Me
    11:10 sad boy with a laptop - i was lost until i met you
    12:59 WYS - close my eyes
    16:13 omar - journey
    18:31 T s u n a m i i - Just Imagine
    22:16 charlie toØ human - Walk In The Park
    23:31 a boy with a balloon - stay all night long (sc)
    25:39 a boy with a balloon - fly away for a day
    27:51 e-clips - transform the world
    29:28 indigoKyoto - i got lost in western tokyo
    31:37 Key-One - Love me
    33:08 Mon-day - c u soon
    34:24 jishle - Early Morning, Late Night

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    ►3:30 a.m. ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix [study/sleep/relax music playlist]
    ►3:30 a.m. ~ lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix [study/sleep/relax music playlist]
    ►3:30 a.m. ~ lo fi hiphop / jazzhop / chillhop mix [study/sleep/homework music playlist]

    #Feardog #lofi #aesthetic



    Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
    Sleep & Rain mix

    Listen to another Rain mix here -

    0:00 TRA$H - Journey

    2:24 BIDØ - last sunshine.

    3:45 broey. - Paradise

    6:04 heytheremylove. - bloom.

    7:37 tzelun - see u soon

    9:05 Jay-Lounge - Sleeping City

    11:59 WYS - lone

    15:33 Jay-Lounge - Puddles /w Jordy Chandra

    Artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen

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  • ✧ love songs when u crushing someone ✧


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  • Lazy Day | cute songs mix


    ???? Lazy Day | cute songs mix ????

    A few personal favourite chill beats / lofi / cute mix of songs to help you study or relax.


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    Tracklist for Lazy Day | cute songs mix:

    ringtail - snowy & cozy
    ringtail - saturday jam
    moo - Space Potatoes
    Soba - Amaryllis
    RoboRob - 4 Chords Coffee Creamer (feat. Shady Monk)
    cactus flower - flora

    #cutemusic #lofihiphop #lofibeats

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  • old songs but its lofi remix


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    ???? About the Video:
    In this video I wanted to bring old songs, but transformed to the Lo-fi Style. These songs are extremely nostalgic and bring out various feelings, especially with the touch of Lo-fi in them. I hope you like it, I worked hard to choose the best songs, made by Lo-fi producers (credits in the video and in the description), to create a very pleasant vibe for all of you! :)

    ???? About the Lo-fi Music channel:
    My purpose here is to spread good Lo- fi Hiphop artists and producers to the whole world, through compilations, in which I carefully and slowly choose the best songs to put on it. The result of this work are videos that really bring feelings to people and make them meet new Lo-fi artists. More than just showing artists, I want to create a community of lovers and producers of the Lo-fi genre. Making all this happen – sharing artists, creating a community and helping people – is what moves me to continue bringing this content to the world.

    ???? Tracklist:

    [00:00] Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Aiivawn Lofi Remix)

    [04:00] Just want to be the one you love by cryst

    [05:58] Fly Me To The Moon - Lofi Cover (Prod. YungRhythm)

    [09:18] Build Me Up Buttercup (Reigh Lofi Remix)

    [11:08] Nat king Cole I love you lofi by My lovely weapons

    [13:29] How deep is your love Bee gees

    [14:59] Mr. Lonely Bobby Vinton Lofi by Ernesto Music

    [17:22] Blue Moon Dean Martin Cover Lofi by J a r i t e n p.h.

    [20:40] Close to You- The Carpenters - Reneé Dominique Cover

    ???? Artwork done by:

    Disclaimer: I do not own any rights, my goal is to promote. All the music used on my compilations had the previous approval of the artists. Their credits is always on the Video and on the Description (I encourage you to get to know their amazing work). If you want something yours removed, just contact me through this email: I will quickly answer and take actions.

    #lofi #lofihiphop #lofibeats

  • 1 hour of aesthetic music


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    1 hour of aesthetic music ~ hope you enjoy :) ~ credit goes to all artists and original creators !

    0:00 Future James - Pure Imagination
    4:26 Lakey Inspired - Blue Boi
    7:50 E66S - Beachside
    10:26 The Girl Next Door by Tomppabeats
    14:24 Moow- Honey
    16:14 90sFlav- Call Me
    18:21 Tomppabeats - You're Cute
    24:11Tomppabeats- Far Away
    34:15 Dj Quads - It’s near
    39:48 Dj Quads - Www Is A Thing
    42:37 Tomppabeats- Won’t Leave You
    51:37 Tomppabeats- Again

  • i love you... but i cant love myself


    i hate myself

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    0:00 - cant love my self (Monty Datta ft. Mishaal)
    2:04 - lie and lie again (biosphere)
    4:01 - waiting (H.1)
    6:52 - don't bring tomorrow (j'san)

    ♪ Mixes Playlist

    ♪ Spotify Playlist

    ∷ Ambition

    ∷ Monty Datta

    ∷ Mishaal

    ∷ biosphere

    ∷ H.1

    ∷ j'san

    ???? Artwork by naimane

    #iloveyou #sad #depressed

  • depressing songs for depressed people.


    depressing songs for depressed people.


    KinaBeats in SouncCloud:

    (get you to the moon ft.snøw) 00:01

    (u're Mine ft. shiloh) 03:15

    (Can We Kiss Forever? ft. Adriana Proenza) 05:31

    Kina YouTube:

    - none of these songs are or videos used to make this are not really really mine!! all credit goes to the rightful owner.
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair Use is a permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing, Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No Copyright infringement intented. All rights to the created owner. This video is just for entertainment purposes only. -

  • My Top 10 Most Kawaii SongsAnime Moe!~♫| Kawaii Music Mix♫


    My Top 10 Most Kawaii Songs(✿ ◕‿◕)(♪♫)Anime Moe!~♫| Kawaii Music Mix♫
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    ► Follow me:
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    ►Track List:
    Kana Hanazawa - Renai Circulation
    Kana Hanazawa - Sweets Parade
    Yuka Iguchi - Platinum disco
    To my darling... - ピアノロックRemix
    Kana Hanazawa - I wonder why...
    Shiori (Kana Hanazawa) - Koi no Shirushi
    Shiori (Kana Hanazawa) - Twinkle Star
    Yunomi & nicamoq - インドア系ならトラックメイカー
    Tsundere BIGWAVE - I-It's Not Like I Like You Or Anything!
    XVAN - I'm OK
    Follow authors ♥ (producer):

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    Best gaming music mix
    Ultimate music gaming mix
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  • Sad songs // WARNING! These songs will make you cry


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  • My Top Japanese Songs in Tik Tok - Japanese Songs Collection


    My Top Japanese Songs in Tik Tok (Best Japanese Song Playlist) - Japanese Songs Collection
    Thanks for watching!

    0:00 Summertime
    2:24 Summertime (arrange ver)
    5:25 Tiny Little Adiantum/Omae Wa Mo Shinderu
    7:22 Tiny Little Adiantum/Omae Wa Mo Shinderu (remix)
    9:15 Bouningen
    13:57 Harehare Ya
    17:19 Harehare Ya (cover girl ver)
    19:46 Renai Circulation (remix ver)
    24:00 Yume To Hazakura
    28:11 Cutely (cover)
    32:10 Cloudless
    35:52 Hazy Moon
    40:01 Lemon (cover)
    44:14 Kamado Tanjiro No Uta
    47:16 Anima by Reona (cover by Amelia)
    51:43 Hotaru
    54:46 Nandemonaiya (Mitsuha ver)
    58:21 Haru Wo Tsugeru
    1:01:38 Unravel
    1:05:31 Ignite
    1:09:44 [idk this, but its sound cute]

  • soft japanese playlist to study/chill/sleep


    hi everyone ~
    these are a bunch of my favorite japanese songs to study and draw to. i hope you enjoy it! ill be uploading a part 2 soon~

    thank-you for watching! ♡

    i had a remove some songs due to copyright so this is the correct list! :)

    1. 00:00 - 04:47 約束, Yakusoku - 秋絵, Akie
    2. 04:48 - 10:17 夜明けと蛍, Yoake to Hotaru - 鹿乃, Kano
    3. 10:18 - 14:25 夢と葉桜, Yume to Hazakura - 紅, Kurenai
    4. 14:28 - 19:09 Glow - 鹿乃, Kano
    5. 19:10 - 23:44 花の唄, Hana no Uta - 花たん, Hanatan
    6. 23:45 - 28:03 Transient Blue - ChouCho
    7. 28:04 - 32:52 Chiisana koi no Uta - 杏沙子, Asaka ft. Kobasolo
    8. 32:53 - 37:30 Kimi ni Saigo no Kuchizuke o - まじ娘, Majiko
    9. 37:30 - 44:15 愛にできる, Ai ni Dekiru - Kobasolo ft. Chiai Fujikawa
    10. 44:16 - 48:27 キセキ, Kiseki - Kobasolo ft. Lefty Hand Cream
    11. 48:28 - 53:22 Tenbyou no Uta - Harutya ft. Osamu
    12. 53:25 - 56:21 Amekigoe Zankyou - 鹿乃, Kano
    13. 57:36 - 01:01:17 Ai no Niwa - でゅっか, Duca

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    enjoy~~ :)

  • aesthetic songs for ur quarantine day


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  • I think Im in love with you


    I think I'm in love with you

    cute music playlist ????

    all music is by Outgoing Hikikomori

    0:00 - Dancing On My Own Part 2
    2:56 - It's Alright, I'll Be Fine
    5:32 - Sweet Melancholy
    8:01 - Playing Outside
    10:10 - Interlude
    11:37 - The Birthday Party I Never Had
    14:22 - Summer Night
    17:21 - Learning To Feel
    20:46 - Fireflies
    22:57 - Sad Lullaby

    Listen on Spotify

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    Outgoing Hikikomori


    Spotify Playlist

    Artwork by pfeffersteak

  • Alone with myself / lofi hip hop mix


    ・・ Dreamy・・
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    ????Art by ilLUMI


    00:00 fantompower - blankets
    [ Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018 ]
    02:52 mell-ø - deja vu
    [ A Fall Journey Beattape ]
    04:49 High Noon Rush - Kane
    07:21 lilac - last train home together
    09:10 Nohone - Breath
    [ A Fall Journey Beattape ]
    11:39 petunie - distant
    13:38 tonnA - On The Phone
    16:49 Philanthrope x Yasper - Slopes
    [ Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018 ]
    19:41 trakeemovich - lifes a bitch
    21:35 redrose - i miss the way u played
    23:16 Nerok - I'm Saying Goodbye
    25:33 Jay-Lounge - Breath Of Fresh Air
    28:29 Kupla X j'san - Raindrops



    High Noon Rush





    Philanthrope x Yasper




    Kupla X j'san

    ⭕Record label's

    ☃️Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018

    ???? [ A Fall Journey Beattape ]
    A Fall Journey by @retrojungle is now available everywhere and on Vinyl !
    Grab your vinyl here :
    ❗ Any claims of copyright infringement :
    ???? Submission :

  • sad slowed songs to cry to


    this video got blocked so i'm reposting it for you guys :(
    sad slowed songs to cry to (pt.1) without empty arena on soundcloud:

    up on spotify:

    slowed down (& reverb) playlist of songs i cry to
    twitter: @iustry
    instagram: @lust.ry

    0:00 the cinematic orchestra - to build a home
    7:25 winter aid - the wisp sings 7:25
    13:40 syml - where's my love (alternative version)
    18:39 sufjan stevens - visions of gideon
    23:39 bon iver - roslyn
    29:25 billie eilish - when the party's over
    33:23 conan gray - heather
    37:20 amber run - i found
    42:36 joji - will he
    46:37 robot koch - nitesky
    52:13 lorde - ribs
    57:29 harry styles - fine line

  • Best Japanese Songs Ever Hot Tik Tok - Top japanese song


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    ????️Source Clip : KinDes
    ▶ Program: Photoshop CS6 + After Effect 2018


    Spotify :

    Girl art(?) :
    Boy art(Utaite Sou) :

    0:00 Kimi no toriko to relax :
    2:52 Cloudless :
    6:34 Summertime :
    9:06 Hazy Moon :
    13:23 Sakura :
    19:18 Yuma To hazakura :
    23:29 HareHare Ya :
    26:47 Nandemonaiya :
    30:25 Doraemon no uta :
    33:46 Tokyo Ghoul (Unravel) :
    37:42 Lemon :
    41:54 Demon slayer『Kamado Tanjiro no Uta』 :
    44:56 Renai Circulation :
    49:08 Haru Wo Tsugeru :
    52:23 Gurenge ( Demon Slayer) :
    56:35 Omae wa Mou :
    58:31 ReoNa - ANIMA :
    1:02:57 Hotaru :
    1:06:00 Yellow :
    1:06:35 Ignite (SAO) :


    • KinDes is a promotional youtube music channel. Our channel is dedicated to future bass, chill, house, J-pop, upbeat music in EDM.
    • For business inquiries and other issues please contact:

  • its going to be okay...


    i promise

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    all tracks by biosphere

    0:00 - summer's end w/ barnes blvd
    1:44 - lazy sunday afternoon
    4:05 - fluffy clouds
    6:04 - if only you told me earlier
    9:01 - when in rome
    11:35 - broken heartstrings
    13:36 - everywhere and nowhere
    16:46 - requiem for the dead
    19:50 - waltz to the end of time
    23:01 - ghost among the lanterns
    25:19 - hopefully one day
    27:33 - flowers that bloom when shaken
    29:45 - midnight train
    31:17 - expectations
    34:03 - aria for our dreams

    Listen to this on Spotify!!!

    Buy on Bandcamp



    Spotify Playlist

  • RELAX リラックス | Lofi Hiphop Mix


    Music by City Girl
    Album - Snow Rose

    0:00 - anything like her (feat. tiffi)
    3:11 - winter fields (feat. mklachu)
    6:13 - soundlessly in the wind like lost souls
    9:26 - always in reverse
    13:01 - a light is never dim, cold or alone
    16:18 - streets that blossom empty echoes and serenades
    20:46 - endless steps through the concrete woods and into your heart
    23:49 - to be honest i just want to eat noodles with you
    27:42 - snow rose
    31:12 - château fountain
    34:07 - if you were with me (feat. tiffi)


    Listen on Spotify

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    Follow tiffi

    Follow mklachu

    Artwork is by ???
    If you can find the original artist please let me know and I'll update this! Couldn't find it anywhere


    Spotify Playlists

  • Frad Song Playlist


    First Date= 0:00

    The Girl I Have Crush On= 2:53

    喫茶店= 5:11

    Blossoms= 8:37

    While You Are Away= 11:14

    Luv Letters= 13:57

    This is not my song i make this playlist in order to make it easier for people to find and enjoy the creator's song.

  • quarantine with you ~ lofi hiphop mix


    quarantine with you part 2 ♡

    0:00 Flovry - c u in class! w/ tender spring
    2:50 Rook1e - memories of her, last winter w/ softy
    4:47 WYS - snowman
    8:04 Flovry - first heartbreak w/ tender spring
    10:42 j'san x epektase - skydive
    13:30 BVG x Ayh Okay - i hope we make it

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    Artwork by pfeffersteak


    tender spring






    Ayh Okay



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