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  • Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix One Take Video


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    2022 is going to be wild...more coming when this hits 1 milli...

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    shot by: Logan Meis

    #DrDre #StillDRE #SnoopDogg #Dax


    I'm sorry to say that once again the lyrics do not fit in the description lolol. It limits you to 5000 characters... i apologize, going to try to figure out the CC so y'all can follow along.


    if you made it this deep you a REAL ONE. This is how we STARTING 2022. Can't believe we are already on year 5 on this journey. Love writing these bottom of description messages for y'all. Still D.R.E. is one of the most legendary beats and songs of all time and I'm honored to be able to remix it. Shoutout to everyone who like, comments, and shares, YOU ARE REAL ONES. I appreciate each and every single one of you more than you know and will continue to seek you out and thank you. WE ARE THE LABEL. Let's go crazy SO I CAN DROP MORE.

    Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix [One Take Video]

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  • Dax - THE NEXT RAP GOD 2 One Take Video


    if this doesn't get 500k likes by Jan 1st i'm signing to a major label...
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    lets go to war...

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    pRod by: Lex Nour Beats
    sHot by: Logan Meis

    #rapgod #thenextrapgod #dax #thenextrapgod2

    TOTAL WORDS: 4567

    btw if u made it this deep AGAIN in the description you're a real one. there was WAY too many lyrics to fit down here. I appreciate you all. i think this GOAL is something we can achieve and I will be doing everything in my power to do so. if everyone who reads this LIKES it and gets 1 friend to as well it will be easy. it may not seem like it but this is a defining moment... i love u

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  • Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem Forgot About Dre Remix Official Video


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    shot by: Logan Meis

    #forgotaboutdre #eminem #drdre #dax

    Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem Forgot About Dre Remix [Official Video]

    btw i tried posting the lyrics here but they were too long... anyways if u got this low thank you for the continued support. we are just getting warmed up and I'm excited to show you the IMPACT I've been working on. Make sure to like, comment, and share this everywhere so we can continue the INDEPENDENT GRIND. love you... DAX

  • Dax - Dear God


    Do you believe in God?
    Share Dear God with someone you know and let's talk. Thank you.

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    Shot by: Moses Isreal
    Produced by: Encore Beats

    #DearGod #religion #church #christianity #Catholic #itsdax #politics


    I just want to make this clear
    I am a believer
    But Sometimes it gets hard
    My name is Dax

    Dear god
    There’s a lot of questions that I have about the past
    And I don’t want hear it from a human you made so you’re the last person that I’m ever going to ask
    Tell me what’s real
    Tell me what’s fake
    Why is everything on about you a debate?
    What’s the point of love?
    Every time I’ve showed it I was broken and it’s forced me just to only want to hate
    Why’s there only one you but multiple religions?
    Why does ever conversation end in a division?
    Why does everybody want to tell us how to live but they won’t listen to the same damn message that they giving?
    Tel me how to feel
    Tell me what’s wrong
    I tried to call, pick up the phone
    I’m on my own
    Everybody says you’re coming back then man why the hells it taking so long?
    Why do I hurt?
    Why is there pain?
    Why does everything good always have to change?
    Why does everybody try to profit off another mans work then destroy it just for monetary gain?

    Tell me are you black or are you white?
    I don’t even really care I just really want to know what’s right
    They been saying one thing but I’ve been looking in the book and it seems like they’ve been lying for my whole damn life.

    Tell me where I’m going
    is it heaven or hell?
    I just hope this message greats you well
    I had a dream that I was walking with the devil I don’t remember how it feels but I swear that I remember the smell
    looked me right into my eyes and told me Everything I wanted could be mine if I gave up and decided to sell but I said I’d rather die then get mine now I’m here no fear one man with a story to tell

    Dear god where were you when I needed it?
    When I fucked up and repeated it?
    When they set the bar and I exceeded it? My life is like a book that they’ve judging by a cover but have took the time to fucking read the shit,
    I remember telling you my goals and my dreams but you didn’t even answer so I guess you didn’t believe it,
    I remember sitting with a gun to my head trying to ask you for some help but I guess you didn’t believe in it!

    I don’t want religion I need that spirituality I don’t want a church I need people to call a family,
    I don’t want tell my sins to another sinner just because he’s got a robe and he went to some academy
    I dont wanna read it in book I wanna hear it from you
    don’t want learn it in a school because they’re hiding the truth
    don’t want to talk about it with another fucking human and that only reason that I even stepped in the booth

    Dear god,
    How do I take this darkness and turn it into light?
    How do believe in concept where I speak to A man I’ve never seen with my own two eyes?
    How do I know that religion wasn’t made just the separate the world and create a whole disguise just to keep us in these chains while the rich get richer and poor pray to you and perpetuate a lie?
    How do I know this Eint some big joke?
    How can have Faith when there is no Hope?
    How the hell does one man have 100 billion dollars and we still have people on the street dat are broke?
    Theres a lot of things I wanna talk about and get off my chest
    I can’t sleep cause the devil won’t let me rest
    I used to know a fucking pastor in a church and I can still hear the screams of the kids he would fucking molest

    Dear god
    Do you hear me?
    I’m supposed to fear you but you ain’t said shit so maybe you who actually fears me ?
    I don’t know the answer I just want to see it clearly so many lies there’s a 1000 different theories
    All I want to know is who really made religion because I know it wasn’t you but don’t nobody believes me

    No more lies
    no more death
    bring back King
    bring back X please dear God let their souls rest protect who’s left and watch their steps
    Dear God
    I don’t want to have to ask you again all I hope is that you know that I’m still a believer so I’ll end this all by saying AMEN.

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  • Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre - Last Kings ft. Ice Cube, Xzibit | 2022


    Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre - Last Kings ft. Ice Cube, Xzibit (2022)

    Snoop Dogg's New Album Algorithm Out Now!
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    Prod. by Headspace Beats
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    Remix by DJ Exodus
    ???? Instagram: @djexodusofficial
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    Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & Xzibit - Last Kings 2022

  • Dax - Im Not Joyner Or Don Q Official Video


    (LYRICS BELOW) Did Tory lanez Finally meet his match? Tory Lanez diss track. Yall wanted it, yall got it. BTW SHE CHEATED AGAIN HIT 7.8 million views and !!! Lets keep spreading and growing the family. A storm is coming!!!!!!


    Shot by: Thad Swift
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    #ToryLanez #DissTrack #Dax #imnotjoynerordonq


    You said you were the best my nigga wat is the criteria
    All of that’s subjective like the prices in nigeria
    How can you compare yourself to all of your superiors,
    A jay, Kendrick, or Cole, my nigga you inferiour
    All for social media
    You preaching to the choir
    I was summoned by the greats I’m Here to force you to retire
    I am not preacher I am not teacher I require only pens pencils and pads to burn you in this fire
    This is not a game you are playing checkers Ive been playing chess you might be what’s on but im what’s up and I’m what’s on next
    prodigy, that’s why they had a ghost writer calling me, I kept it on the hush that’s a Canadian conglomarency, honestly I was taught to play fair won’t make a joke about ya height or your new hair, I won’t talk about your sexuality I don’t care dreamdoll adressed it so I eint finna go there

    Tory Lanez you better stay in ya lane, stick to rapping bout the bitches, money, cars and cocaine, I hating cuz I know you putting food on the plate, but if you have no substance you can’t be great, you got bars lil Nigga but they hold no weight, I move mountains with my shit make the whole world Shake I know you feel shit in ya soul word on street lil tory love sucking on toes

    I’m jcole the way I diss niggas
    Factual facts factually fictionalizing what niggas say in they raps I dissected every that you had said in the past I’m convinced the insecurity stems from a man who doesn’t know, so I will educate and I will you help you grow to best is more than similes metaphors and flows it’s the ability enter in a mufukas soul and than repair it and release it to the motherfucking globe

    Man Comon tory
    Why you liying to these niggas
    Why you claim you the best
    What you hiding from the niggas
    Get that shit up off yo chest and we’ll still ride for you nigga boi you better show respect pac died for you nigga

    In a different category married to game u now divorced and paying alimoney, I am not a saint this is not holy matrimony, I am not your peer I made inside a labaratory

    I’m front the same country nigga this is family feud
    Ya I love you like a son and I know Drake does too, the bloods thicker than the water so I’ll tell you the truth, you will never be the best you are not that dude

    But it ok you will still be rich
    Fuck every girl and probably bag every bitch
    Have niggas down to ride until the day you quit
    Have girls sing along with you to all yo shit

    Now let me tell you why I’m qualified my quality is quantified, I’m greatness in the making but it’s actually personified a mammoth feasting through a rap game famine, bars immigrated caught up like you 21 savage, I am not the other people you battled I won’t get personal I rap and sing just like you but it’s purposeful, Don q let you live Joyner murdered you, I cut you up limb by limb this shit is surgical,
    To be the best you have to speak on more topics than your riches I’m a rapper for the people your a rapper for the bitches, changing lives I will live and outlast but as soon you stop rapping you’re a thing of the past, just another rapper waiting on a Chequers from a entity you’ll die and be forgotten I will and leave a legacy, rap sing melodies my cadence straight heavenly rap game savoiur you infect it I’m the remedy,
    This out of reach I set the bar high, vertically challenged you won’t reach it even if you reply I got a feddish for dead bodies I’ll eat you alive take your heart drink yo blood while I’m watching you die
    Tory this tactical highly mathematical divided and subtracted you from thinking it was practical to rap against a nigga who is versed and international and studied in the arts of killing rapper who aren’t rational
    So Watchu gon say to pac when I send you up to meet em up in heaven
    How u gon explain that you claim you the best but eint got nun to show for it on ya damn record
    We don’t care bout cars
    We don’t care bout clothes
    We don’t care bout money
    Tory Lanez nigga we don’t care bout none of that shit
    You prime example of a nigga who got it
    On the outside but I still they still eint rich
    We care bout impact
    Nigga did you give back
    Every time you rap
    Don’t nobody feel that
    Nigga you a joke
    To think that you can sit amongst greats
    All the ones who here now and the one who paved the way
    Man that should be me
    I’m the one who should be claiming I’m the best
    I’m the one rapping saving lives underpaid who eint even fucking worried bout a mufukin cheque

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  • Dax - A LOT AT STAKE ft. Snow Tha Product Music Video


    Last video of 2021??? let's GO CRAZY! LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE... and keep on REPEAT...the energy IS CONTAGIOUS...

    Available on ALL STREAMING platforms:

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    Produced by: Lex Nour Beats
    Vid directed by. Kalani Kelly
    Shot by: Blank Square Space

    #Dax #Snowthaproduct #alotatstake #PainPaintsPaintings

    A Lot At Stake ft. Snow Tha Product


    I kneel I pray I stay away I
    won’t change and Eint no fake
    if you ever cross me better look both ways
    I got too much sauce and a lot of steak
    i’m ahead my space way out your range
    I mute you lames and I talk big game
    if you ever cross me better look both ways
    I got too much sauce and a lot at stake

    every STATUE is at LIBERTY to get DECLINED
    i BREAK RULES every BRANCH that I will DEFY is GOVERNED by the thoughts that you heard through a GRAPEVINE
    me and SIRI SWITCHING LANES so my BASE-LINE's HANGING UP on bitches throwing pussy for some FACE-TIME
    they say DOGS GO TO HEAVEN so these niggas out here BARKING UP A TREE i see them SNIFFING like the K9
    niggas claiming that i don’t spit hot shit
    6 FEET is the DISTANCE your COUGHING(COFFIN) is buried in the place I got crowds doing MoshPit’s
    and I ain’t never getting BOXED IN my THREE STEP DROP QUARTERBACKS every OPTION
    and this is not a TIKTOK TREND putting in works the only time that I CLOCK IN
    like BILLIE i’m the BAD GUY I-LASH (Eilish) out on the trash they let pass by
    then I go outside and start rapping I bet everybody watching think a nigga throwing gang signs

    I kneel I pray I stay away I
    won’t change and Eint no fake
    if you ever cross me better look both ways
    I got too much sauce and a lot of steak
    i’m ahead my space way out your range
    I mute you lames and I talk big game
    if you ever cross me better look both ways
    I got too much sauce and a lot at stake

    well it's a big bill counting lil bills stripper tipping
    bad bitch with a big plan got a bigger vision
    no time for you all my time spent making decisions
    i'm the product and the dealer i'm on a mission for commission
    if you ever cross me don't be calling me
    people trying to make themselves look better with their apology
    aint got nothing to do with me
    diamonds still on two degrees
    got rid of the leeches all of a sudden I got jewelry
    cause all of a sudden I got my bread up cause i got fed up
    they used to block me now it's versace like i'm donatella
    and now my life is bomb as eva sweet as omeratta
    im hopping out and now the driver holdin my umbrella
    cause its a snow storm now and ima make it rain
    mexicans gon always find a way even if it aint a way
    how you gonna try and cross me you got bum knee
    cross em over bag em up I hit em with a fadeaway

    I kneel I pray I stay away
    I won’t change and Eint no fake
    if you ever cross me better look both ways
    I got too much sauce and a lot of steak
    i’m ahead my space way out your range
    I mute you lames and I talk big game
    if you ever cross me better look both ways
    I got too much sauce and a lot at stake


    if you made it this deep thank you. Can't believe were almost at 4 million subscribers. This is the 20th music vid we've dropped this year. hahah would love to make it 21 to go with the year... let's share this everywhere SO I CAN KEEP THE TRAIN ROLLING! love yall.

  • Tupac - Changes One Take


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    (Lyrics Below) The takeover is coming soon! Glad to have y'all with me. Almost done wit school and Hoop! LA IN DECEMBER to do this full time. Share if u want more of dis shit :)

    Only available on Soundcloud:

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    Recorded by: Horace Kennedy
    Mixed and mastered by: Mixed by Gee

    #tupac #2pac #tuDAX #LIT #GOAT

    Had to come with the Pac yea das back to back as matter fact these niggas told me iquit da rap, and that I suck, but i dont really feel dat much, dont give a fuck U Niggas wishing us cud rap like us, u cudnt hurt me, lazy ass typing niggas get up do a burpee, 9 to 5 type of niggas know you in a thirties, memeber when you bad bitches always used to curve, now you dm me saying you wanna slurp me, haha you must be crazy, trynna ride the wave isnt free you gotta pay me da radios wont play me, green, chasing dreams you hating behind a screen, get confused when dax rap and you understand what he mean, bitch, i dont care if you dont like the new version, boi you pussy if you saw me wouldnt say in person, know that cuz u eint about the action, you the type to get it clapping by putting shit a caption, ya you soft nigga, cough nigga, know that throwing the shade brush it off nigga, 9 month and i got this fame it dont matter if you hate cuz still a lame, i eint tripping cuz you eint gon chage

    Things change i been sitting rain, but now I rap and I be at where dese niggas wish dey was laying, fuck the fame i jus want you to listen to what im saying, glo'd up but im still the same (x2)

    Now lemme rap about that real shit, niggas know I eint no punk, spit it real to ya face ya I eint to no trump, thats no hate to the man boi jus to consider how u lead the free world when you blastin on twitter, how u lead these lil girls when u talk bout dey sisters, but das all ima say talk about it nowadays and get no radioplay, brainwashed you niggas doing what the radio say, the radio pays, thats why I fukin hare this system cuz when a real nigga talk fucking none of you listen, until he wind up dead, now you wanna go and build a fucking statue instead, im here now, so dont let it be to late, i know its really hard to say but we know that Im great, know that its fate, could die the legacy safe, could leave a whole a whole verse blank and record would bang
    But i eint gon do it cuz u dont make any shots if yo ass eint shooting, you can hate it but u still a lame, i eint tripping cuz you eint gon change

    Things change i been sitting rain, but now I rap and I be at where dese niggas wish dey was laying, fuck the fame i jus want you to listen to what im saying, glo'd up but im still the same(x2)


    Now lemme tell how it happen lil nigga i was hooping, started out up out in canada now in the US shooting, prep schooling, made a move an, made my own damn movement, u a witness this progression this niggas fuking improving, but you still gon man and that shit rude, so if its fuck me nigga then its fick you tooo
    Shits not cool, but I dont care, u hate my swag, u can hair my hair

    But it eint gon change, cuz i eint even got my fucking feet wet making all dese shots and i eint even got my feet set, hop on the wagon you niggas you gon need a seatbelt, trynna ride the fucking wave u sinking just like a sea shell, she sell by the sea shore, i eint falling off man what am I finna swim for, bars stop crime aquille thats to bmore, carr type grind my nigga I wanna cmore, skinner, i eint fucking wit ya nigga if you eint a winner, cuz im only getting bigger bodybuilder check the figure, but im also talking digits, i can tell that you eint with it, know you stressing cuz im winning here my nigga have a fidget Spinner

  • Dax - Shape Of You Remix Music Video


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    Yall WANT IT! Y'ALL GOT IT! Shape of you remix Ed Sheeran Remixed by YA BOI DAX !!

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    Recorded by: Horace Kennedy
    Mix and Mastered BY: mixed by Gee

    Original song: Ed Sheeran

    I completely DO NOT own any rights to any/ all audio heard in this. I only uploaded it for entertainment purposes, so all rights go to the original creator of this track/song.

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for and quote fair use and quote for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.



    Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to this composition all rights are in the copyright of its respective owners, Entertainment purposes only.

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  • Tupac - Hit em Up One Take


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    (Lyrics Below)Lets keep pushing! Shit bout to get real. Two more videos before I crank this whole thing up. Y'all eint ready.

    Random Talking

    First off lemme tell you how I got this flow, pac saw me in dream and told me this shit yo's, game me da pen da pad wit da paper to match, and told me shoot to kill when I aim at a track, I grabbed it, hesitation, greatest in the making 4, 5 how many times they told I wouldn't make it, faded, underrated, 3rd spot slated, climbing to the top knock off whoever waiting, hit em up, is how he told me to act, and if they mumble you rapping you should giv em a smack, tell em pac sent and see they react eint gon believe you when they see you but gon know when you rap, i sent you, yes meant to, protect and defend you, from evil approaching they know you is meant to, fly, let em laugh in yo face eint gon be funny when you taking they place, they the know the rules nigga
    Put out his hand then gave me keys
    said the game is yo bitch make her get on her knees
    And hit her up
    I hit her up

    Pac said (x2)
    Hit em up why fucking game is mine
    My nigga tupac boi eint to deserve to die
    Told me the game is in trouble im the one that they fiending, ya boi Dax finna pick up the peices they know Meaning

    Im the dun dada, real top shotta serged in the game the rest get ibaka, best in the game you know dont gotta, flex like I eint cause eint no one hotter, patna, who we kidding trynna say I eint the best up in it, born to ride, wit a 45, while i be penny pinching, who inside, pac eint die, ye he been living in em, if I lie, take me christ cause I eint bullshitting, fo a fact, when I rap i know they listen, pac told me i was gifted with words that could move children, save pilgrims, change men and heal women, save lives, erase lies and kill demons, tension, thats alot on my shoulders but momma never a punk she recruited a soldier, pac told me we at war and its time to deploy ya, they been sleeping on you nigga force feed the foldgers. Cool I let sip and resist, made my way in the game now the cease to exist, mumble rap no skill what they popping em with mdmhccamcjsnd man im good at that shit
    Call the cops when you see me, pac is alive wanna touch em you can feel me, pac is inside wanna see him nigga see me, on everything phone, tab, and TV,

    So hit me up(x2)
    Why cause im next to pop
    My nigga tupac boi eint deserve to drop
    Told me game is in trouble im the one that they fiending, the ya boi Dax finna pick up the peices you know the

    So Hit me up cause im next to fly
    Eint gon be po no mo man im finna testify
    Riding 4 4 doors man im finnna flex the ride
    Cuz my fucking flow so cold that they gotta take my side

    Ha woke up from that same dream, started rapping, grew my hair got a nose ring, started shooting at these record in close the close, remix flow now is on to my own things

    So im take money, ya I take money, these niggas trash, they cant take it from me why, talent, I know you see it when you looking in my eyes, i eint famous and you wondering why, its a matter of timE

    (Random Talking)

    Only available on Soundcloud:

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    ► Snapchat: danielnwosu

    Recorded by: Horace Kennedy
    Mixed and mastered by: Mixed by Gee

    Shoutout to anyone who gets this deep, y'all da real. Make sure you got me on Spotify. Send me a screenshot that you following me for a surprise. ;)

  • Dax - WHATS POPPIN Remix One Take Video


    (LYRICS BELOW) Catch the bars!
    SHARE WIT EVERYONE YOU KNOW :) NEXT VIDEO once this one hits 1.5 million! Like, comment, and mention

    SOUNDCLOUD (only):

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    Shot by: Logen Meis

    #Whatspoppin #JackHarlow #Remix #Dax


    on POINT like an HB PENCIL
    i could TALK SHIT but I just got DENTAL
    that HEAD was a little INSANE her IQ EQ’D all of my MENTAL
    these niggas say I don’t make HOOKS this PETER PAN flow bout to CAPTAIN this tempo
    and make you go crash cuz the way my KAR DASH it a make you go KIM and K KYLIE your KENDALL
    i SHORT BUS(t) my NUTS are still SPECIAL
    i got SAUCE to BEEF with your PESTO
    you can’t CHEST the problems i SHOULDER My LEG up ensures I’m up NECKS so
    won't stop throwing bars i'm GREEN BAR to FARVE my SOUP(er) BOWLS a heat up your END ZONE
    microwave and blaze your credentials wash away MJ your skin tone
    what's poppin, if i'm not bitch you toxic
    If you can make a song with no hook and make it go viral please bitch drop it
    throwing up hits get it? I VOMIT
    throwing up bricks get i? YOU'RE ONYX
    My bars (POKE-((YA))-MON) don't get in the way when I come through the LANE and start JAMMIN
    smoking this beat like a RASTAFARIAN
    had to FISH my DRIP just to AQUIRE-EM'
    get it AQUARIUM, FISH, WATER had to work hard just to drip harder
    CUT the beat then slowly FADE IT IN like a middle class neighborhood BARBER
    lets pause it
    i’m 6 FEET like space recommended for COVID - 19 bars already put this beat in a COUGHING
    if you say you're better you're KAP like COLIN
    if you want a feature TEX-AS us like AUSTIN we (WILL reply in AUGUST (#entanglement))
    2 Guns in my pocket. CD’s?(see these) You better WALKMAN!
    ima BODMAN(Batman) how this beat I’m ROBIN
    i’m COLD but I’m not COMMON
    i’m in this bitch 1 STROKE to the HOLE but not FUCKING bitch i'm GOLFING
    people say they could do better they just talking
    i’m about to toss'em
    i’m not sold on u but the way I CELT-IC I could live in BOSTON
    these bars don’t come around to often
    they CONNECT like SPRINT KETCHUP bitch why are JOGGING
    you MUSTARD i'ma YOUTUBE RAPPER well if I am then why aint I VLOGGING?
    That’s what they try to say and stop him but his PUNCHLINES won't let them BOX HIM IN.
    my MIKES-in-TYSON them to think this HOLYFIELD is a BOXING RING.
    what’s the point of rapping these words?
    i would probably make more money if i spent all my time doing what the mainstream prefers
    but I Eint finna follow the SHEEP inside that HERD
    ONE HIT a make em WONDER when I spit my verse
    niggas thinking that they rapping wit me is ubsurd
    I be PREYING on these beats but I’m not in no CHURCH
    I’m due like rent on the 1st of month
    BRUCE LEE with the FLIPS bitch I do my own STUNTS
    These nigga get (MOON)ED when I come through so ASS they could probably be my SUNS
    I’m bout to get technically technical SO MANY flows I be rapping with TENTACLES if after this you're still skeptical I will have to set you STRAIGHT like a HETEROSEXUAL
    My world plays highly impeccable, So impeccable 90% percent of the bars in this song are not even detectable
    and if did you hypothetically you wouldn’t see how they're 3 dimensional
    what’s popping? if I’m not by 2021 then this rap games garbage
    i don’t remix beats I kill them then I pay homage
    My bars LINK like SAUSAGE
    I always hit it on the NAIL like POLISH
    This rap shits gotta be my calling
    I GO
    Bitch I finished college
    How do you think I got all this knowledge
    Shooting it up ya the nigga was ballin
    Getting my cheese like I’m out in Wisconsin
    How am I finish I Eint even started
    Bout to go dumb like I’m going retarded
    If you talk rap I go the hardest
    Rapping is critical I embody each and every word and every Syllable
    I put all of me inside in each in every visual
    I’m addicted to working you’re barely seeing my pinnacle,
    mental and all the physical
    so I’m never divisible
    if you thought I was you’re dirty and pitiful
    you go and get a knife and cut off all of your genitals
    How I come with this lyrical
    Makes me damn near invincible
    If they wanna battle
    how I come in is criminal
    Makes a hater feel miserable
    When I get up and
    You don’t gotta say it no more we all know that I’m bringing that stamina eating beats like animal
    NAIJA boi outta Africa
    grew up hooping in Canada
    who used to be a ja jan jani haha YALL FINISH THE SENTENCE... ????



    Bullying Kills...
    Share if you can relate.

    Click here to listen:

    IG: thatsdax
    Shot By: Loganmeis
    Prod. By: LexNourBeats

    #Joker #bullying #JokerReturns #mentalhealth


    I’m sick but I already told you that’s once
    That blood you saw last time wasn’t fake it’s real I do my own stunts
    That gun had bullets I just got lucky I play Russian roulette for fun
    That knife was trash I got it replaced it didn’t cut deep it was too blunt
    That girls still here she’s sucking my dick I might of been wrong she may be the one
    We’re not in love but in 2021 I’m going to let her have my son
    So we can post and fake happy while our real lives come undone
    And stay home and watch re-runs
    But I don’t want your sympathy
    Fuck your help!
    Everyone’s and expert on everyone else except their fucking selves
    Last time that I made a song I left a lot of shit on that shelf
    Cuz I know you’re to weak to hear the truth or care about how I felt
    And oh Hi comment section!
    Did you know your words describe you and not me and bounce back cuz in life we project our insecurities on people we wish we could be while blinded by the fact that we’re our own biggest and worst enemies
    You don’t know me, you knew me
    You thought JOKER was a joke that shits my life this Eint no movie
    You torment me and you abuse me
    Haunt me, chase me and amuse me
    I’m at war inside my mind my OPS are black they hide at night like I’m playing call of duty
    I’m depressed but cancel culture causes me to say that loosely
    Why do you JUDGR if your Not JUDY
    You Eint my friend you’re dead to me after what you’ve done I feel like uzi
    I’m done dealing with these Groupies
    When they see me they Sea food I feel like sushi
    Oh it’s funny right cuz it’s not happening to you
    I wear a size 13 men’s there’s no damn way you could walk in my shoes
    Take this pain and do what I do
    While making songs that people use
    To get through shit I can’t get through
    While they laugh, hate, destroy, and constantly ridicule
    You guys are pitiful
    You take my words and you twist them that’s why I don’t want to do interviews
    I told my mom I was suicidal and she cried and then screamed what the he’ll has got into you
    I don’t know mom
    maybe those people who laugh, hate, spin the truth and pray you fail and once you do
    they start kicking you
    They tried to put try me in A hospital bed
    diagnose me and stuff me with meds
    All it ever did was fuck up my head
    They Anti depress you
    Until you’re depressed again and then you depend on the pills that made you independent
    What a shame
    I’m stuck in a cycle
    I’m the hero, villain, traitor and somebody else’s idol
    I make songs about my broken heart and some about bible
    If you feel depressed or wanna kill yourself I’m not liable
    let me clarify and get this straight
    I make songs that no one else can make
    That millions love cuz they relate
    Then get half the recognition but twice the hate
    Then Reinvest and do it all again
    At a quicker speed than anyone driving in my lane
    Then I smile and wave
    Work and slave
    Talk to my fans everyday
    While you troll and only take breaks to take a shit or masturbate
    Then claim my life's a piece of cake
    Like you could somehow do it even though we know you wouldn’t cause you’re to God damn afraid
    Don’t even join my circus this time I’m not in the mood
    go listen to that mainstream music or whatever you friends think is cool
    I’ll sit here and play the fool, while you drool
    And drown inside My tears that fill
    Olympic pools even Michael Phelps couldn’t endure
    I’m tired of drinking and waking up on the floor
    Tired of living a life I cannot afford
    Tired of living my life for people who never saw me as equal who hate me and just try to ignore
    No more
    It’s war
    I’m evening this score
    Killing everyone that walks through that doors and tells me I need wings to soar
    So let me take the knife the gun and stop pointing them at myself
    I’ve hurt enough it’s time for you to feel it along everyone else
    Society needs sobriety
    We put people down for notoriety
    Love in public but destroy them privately
    Adding creating anxiety
    Then we want LOVE and don’t get it OHHHHH THE IRONY
    This was a poem I wrote in my diary
    Fighting demons deep inside of me
    I feel alone yet I’m constantly fighting for privacy seeking truth while everyone I know lies to me it’s ironic cuz people who knew me the best didn’t support me until I finally made it now they wanna fake it and act like they love me when I know they don’t even like me
    You Eint slick
    I remember the day dude fucked my bitch
    I remember rejection after rejection and going home wanting to slit my wrists
    I remember that coach who said I wasn’t shit then took my fucking scholarship
    And all those kids who used to bully me because I didn’t fit in
    How does it feel?
    When you see me now
    They say if you’re alone and fall it doesn’t make a sound
    What goes up must come down
    You get a knife and cut a smile so you never frown

  • Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix


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  • Dax - THE NEXT RAP GOD One Take Video


    we just made history...
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    Shot by: Logan Meis
    prod by. Lex Nour Beats

    #thenextrapgod #rapgod #dax #eminem

    TOTAL WORDS: 2610

    btw if u made it this deep AGAIN in the description you are a real one. there is WAY too many lyrics to fit in here cuz the limit so i couldnt post them. They should be in my PINNED POST in the comment section! Let's go crazy!!! WE ARE THE LABEL



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  • Dax - My Heart Hurts


    [LYRICS BELOW] My Heart Hurts... Share if you can relate. Let's continue to make an IMPACT.

    Go Listen on Repeat:

    Prod. by @ lexnourbeats
    Shot by: @ Moses_Israel
    Actor: @ teylerleigh
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    #myhearthurts #shecheated #sadniggahours #love


    My hearts hurts
    I gotta get this off my chest

    My heart hurts in the Worst possible way you came first but now we have to go our separate ways

    came back from work on Friday that shit was crazy
    long distance FaceTiming with the lady picked up the phone what’s up what’s up I’m good you good I’m good not much
    but I noticed something was wrong
    can’t even look me in the eyes
    Got a tracker on your phone I know that you’ve been telling lies
    got the passwords to your shit I see you texting other guys
    I got all the proof I need so why even deny who you fuck
    it’s on my head you have to tell me
    I can’t give it Up no
    I think about it every day
    I cannot go to sleep
    I need to say

    My heart hurts in the Worst possible way you came first but now we have to go our separate ways

    And then I went and took you back
    my boy said I was crazy
    that you’d doit again
    and that you’d manipulate me
    I didn’t listen
    thought that I knew better
    thought if I left that I could never do better first love first time I’m sick
    she’s got a spell on me
    that girls a fucking witch
    she casted hell on me
    I feel like I’m a bitch
    this is a shell of me
    fool me once shame on you
    fool me twice now I’m looking like a fool my head hurts and I don’t know what to do I made this song to say

    My heart hurts in the Worst possible way you came first but now we have to go our separate ways


    I hope you hear this
    I hope you hear this
    I hope you hear this
    I hope you hear this
    I hope you hear this

  • Dax - Propaganda Official Music Video


    [LYRICS BELOW] Does the truth matter anymore?
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    Available everywhere:

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    Prod. By: Lexnour Beats
    Shot by: Logan Meis, Aser Santos Jr.

    #Propaganda #Tommacdonald #Dax #news


    Don't lose yourself

    and all i see is propaganda, in the world
    all i see is propaganda


    and all I see is propaganda
    All I see is propaganda
    And All I see is propaganda
    And All I see is propaganda
    Ooo o o…


    United we stand divided we fall
    New Year’s Eve they’ve been dropping the ball
    in-da-pen how we denting the game we don’t write to the sound applause,
    Hidden truths dotted lines, ain’t neva signed, stood and remained a boss
    In a world that is full a Facades where if you speak you get nailed to a cross
    I won’t be silent, I am outspoken,
    I am the product of pain so when you see my name know fame could never break down a brain that is already broken
    Every wound is paid devotion they fill words as I purge emotion,
    scabs tear drop I hits that bleed lies from demonic omens
    The system decides we spend we buy while most of our time is spent in bed,
    the dreams we have all stay inside we sleep and wake then live with regret
    The price of life is half the cost the price of fame could cost you head if infamy is Watchu seek and propagandas why you spread

    and All I see is propaganda
    All I see is propaganda
    And All I see is propaganda
    And All I see is propaganda
    Ooo o o…


    Look what they did
    They convince us all that everything we say is racist
    And blood will change it
    That’s what happens
    Y’all need balance
    Y’all need blacks and whites and lefts and rights to stop the madness
    They planned it (they did)
    It’s Trump or Biden
    we all been divided right in the streets
    Elections have always been rigged I ain’t surprised if somebody cheats
    All I see is pentagrams of the propaganda
    But our priority’s a vaccine
    It ain’t for wolves to find the flock when the sheep are fast asleep
    To many people lack character
    To many journalists scaring ya
    To many pencils attempting to rewrite the constitution
    they probably gon tear it up
    I love the country but I don’t trust the people taking care of us
    We went to bed with the American dream we woke up in nightmerica

    and All I see is propaganda
    All I see is propaganda
    And All I see is propaganda
    And All I see is propaganda
    Ooo o o…

    Shoutout to anyone who makes it this far in the description. I Appreciate your support. My 1st album is on the way and Propaganda Ft. Tom MacDonald is the 1st single off of it. Can't wait to see you all on tour.

  • Dax - Suffocating


    [LYRICS BELOW] Suffocating is a song about how I feel. Thank you for listening. Share this with everyone and anyone you think it will impact. Hope you can relate. Pain Paints Paintings out now...

    Click here to listen:

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    Shot by: Eden G
    Produced by: Raspo Beats
    edited by: @ ceoqdisney

    #Suffocating #anxiety #PainPaintsPaintings


    At first I couldn’t breathe
    Now I’m suffocating
    Maybe the pressure from the fame isn’t worth what I’m chasing
    I used to say Gods playing now the Devils on my team acting foul and it’s all flagrant
    Trynna push me off this path that I’m steady paving
    Sin is the currency and I’m everyday I’m making payments
    I don’t wanna live in it but I heard a saying
    Good knows evil cause the houses are both adjacent
    I don’t know if I should go for these goals
    I’ve seen people gain the world but lose their souls
    My anxiety is building as the weight of it grows I seclude myself in privacy inside of my home,
    And I barely answer and calls and when I see my phone
    I’m reminded that the real feeling of being alone is having millions who love you but can leave you or say that they hate at the moment they don’t fuck with a song
    I used to laugh it off
    Now I hold my breath and suffocate
    Then I sit and wait
    Just to see if I can kill the hate
    And as I’m fleeting I see god at the heavens gates then come back down to fight another day, then I grab that same phone and smile and wave, and pour my empty heart in to a song that they won’t praise
    They say patience is the key
    but they didn’t tell me while I wait I’d be locked inside a steel cage
    Somethings wrong
    I feel claustrophobic
    I’m stuck living in the past
    And not the moment
    or the future where my life is only more broken
    Cause those wounds from the past are still open
    I take sips of love an every single time it’s poison I see women who can’t see past my employment or see me as enjoyment so I can’t enjoy it
    cause The rides temporary and they leave once they crash and destroy it
    I don’t think this life is healthy, why didn’t anybody tell me, everybody would want help but nobody would wanna help me I’m an ATM, a therapist, an everybody’s friendly and they hide their real intentions but my mind won’t let me If I make a sad song, don’t ask me if I’m happy
    Fuck a hook, my pain isn’t catchy
    if you relate you or worse feel badly
    Fucking pity me at least and check in if you @ me
    that’s the only way I know who it touches that’s why I stay awake and answer DM’s by hundreds so I don’t lose myself and fill my stomach with the feeling here just to suffocate for nothing
    If you know real pain then you see it when you look me in my eyes
    I try to hide it but they do not lie
    I wanna sleep but If I try
    The demons who creep and dreams will collide
    So I stay up and stare at the ceiling
    and ask myself if I should even share these feelings
    Then I hear a voice in the distance from ghost like image say my pain could be somebodies healing
    So I close my eyes
    And drift to the place that inspires these lyrics
    And as I see flames and I scream
    I pray it’s a place you’ll never have to visit

  • Drake vs Eminem Rap Battle Final Freestyles


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  • Freestyle Flows In San Francisco | Harry Mack Guerrilla Bars 21


    Everybody knows I have mad love for Venice Beach- it’s the first place I ever went viral! Aside from that, the good people of Venice have inspired countless hours of Guerrilla Bars magic. But it was time to branch out and see what else this vast Californian landscape has to offer… So, for this episode, we decided to bring our Guerrilla operation up north to the gorgeous city of San Francisco. Many fun times were had, many dope freestyles were kicked, and many priceless reactions were captured. Shout out to The Bay for always showing us love ???????? Thank YOU so much for watching and don’t forget to share ????✨
    #Freestyle #HarryMack #SanFrancisco


    1) '3AM' Prod. Cheap Limousine -
    2) 'Flow Power' Prod. Darkside -
    3) 'Boys' Prod. AngelLaCiencia -
    4) 'Woman Like You' Prod. Gabs -
    5) ' Early 2000's Bouncy Hip Hop Rap Beat Instrumental' -







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  • Cordae - Parables Remix FT. Eminem Official Audio


    Cordae - “From a Birds Eye View”

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  • Hello


    Freestyle Wiz Khalifa ,instrumental Hello-Adele. By (Power106FM)

  • Dax - JOKER


    Join my circus...
    Cyber Bullying Kills...
    Share if you can relate,

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    Follow Dax: @thatsdax
    Shot By: Logan Meis
    Produced by: Lex Nour Beats

    #Joker #cyberbullying #thejoker #mentalhealth

    I'M SICK!
    But I think you know that already,
    You call me EVIL but how would you know unless you LIVE it already.
    You think you're better right?
    Because nobodies seen what you’ve done in the dark but if I put your life in this light you would crumble and fight to survive or die but bitch I fucking knew that already
    I eint SPECIAL,
    But I SPECALize in making you feel eSEPCIALly stupid for judging a human
    while you sit at home and whole world judge can’t watch what you doing or follow and hate all your movements I eint complaining but I know the people who do it are sicker than me and i'm sick enough I might just lose it
    You think know me cuz you double tap on picture
    I hate the fact that you judge me it’s driving me crazy so when it’s to deep I say fuck it and drown in some liquor
    I write these verses in blood I got chapters for days cuz my heart is my biblical scripture and I’m not a prophet but I can predict that you’ll never catch happiness till you're the pitcher
    So please continue to laugh if I’m a clown your a circus act
    When I rap it’s with a SURGEONS MASK
    Cuz I PLACE every syllable in a deliverable fashion from first to last, then CUT back with a message that’s hidden in melody making them think and ask if I was the one on the table pushing GIVING BIRTH to rap
    Maybe it was me
    Maybe you like all my music but don’t really actually love me
    Maybe you just want a picture
    Maybe you just want to see me cuz you need some money
    Maybe you think that I’m happy
    Maybe you think in reality liking my post is repairing a hole when it’s actually shaking and cutting the soul right out of me out
    I think I’m sick
    I feel a rush of emotion whenever I post up a pic
    I got problem
    I’m in the studio rapping while this girl is sucking my dick
    She cut a whole in my heart now I fill it with women who love me cuz they think I’m rich and if I be honest I just told a bitch that I care but I really do not give a shit
    So what’s your excuse?
    What helps you sleep?
    You leave a negative comment not knowing what you sew you will reap
    I bet you smile when you post thinking you're hurting me, but you see the way the brain works you become what you speak
    I need peace!
    But y’all can’t offer that
    I held my ground, I didn’t sell my soul
    I said fuck the fame y’all can take that offer back
    Fuck a shelf you can/t take me off the rack
    All the fame is not worth a heart attack
    You're insane, you're in pain, I can tell by what you saying!

    My bad
    I forgot you were fragile
    I forgot someone who doesn't even know me told you I'm an asshole
    I forgot that I’m a villain
    I forgot that I’ve always spread positivity but you think I didn't
    I forgot that hatred stems from people who hate their own existence
    I forgot I’m better off alone
    I forgot I care about everyone's happiness but forget about my own
    I forget I spend every waking second on my phone....

    I’m recruiting
    I’m taking everyone who passes judgement bitch that’s including:
    Everyone who thinks it’s so amusing
    To put me down while I’m pursuing
    The key board warriors that live online behind a screen that's just an illusion
    Come come come join my circus!
    You fucking pricks!
    I’ll fuck you till you love me then pay you to do some tricks,
    I don’t need a doctor I need a bag of nails and bricks to lay down on the floor so if you fail to land a flip you can feel what I felt when you tried to come sink my ship
    Let me explain, you all help me financially gain but I spend my money on mental health books and read them just to control all my pain
    I don’t wear clothes
    but this bought chain and just like you this chain fake,
    I wear it to distract you from blatant sadness written on my fucking face
    What'd you expect?
    Did you think I was immune to what you were saying and didn’t see all of the disrespect?
    Do you think I’m not human, have no feelings, or maybe you think I’m fucking weak and now I’m pleading, maybe you think I’m just too good and that I’m cheating?
    Or maybe just maybe
    You're blind and the hate inside your heart clouds your eyes and your mind and your ears when I rhyme, even though we all know I’m one of the best of all time,
    Or maybe you're just a fucking bitch and I can't

    Stop comparing me to people who are not in my league,
    Stop saying I don’t believe in God just because you can’t read
    Stop making fake profiles so you can spam my feed
    I'm not alone I know there's millions out there just like me

  • DAX CANT RAP HUH?! | Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix


    The best breakdown channel on Youtube is back with Dax! Rapper reacts to his new song Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix & breaks down the schemes.



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    Still Dre Remix Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg One Take Meaning Lyrics Breakdown First Reaction Rapper
    Rap Reaction
    Music Reaction

    Do what you love, or don't do it at all.


    Knox Hill

    #Dax #StillDre #Reaction

  • Dax - i dont want another sorry Official Music Video


    [LYRICS BELOW] i don't want another sorry is a very personal song to me. Share this with anyone and everyone who can relate to those words. Love y'all.


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    Shot by: Logan Meis

    #idontwantanothersorry #trippieredd #dax #relationships #heartbreak


    After they hurt you the first time, leave
    Cause if they’ll do it once, they’ll do it again

    Never thought you’d leave
    never thought it would end
    Look at all the pain that you caused m
    Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
    I never thought this shit would end
    And I don’t want another sorry
    Sorry, you’re not sorry
    I never thought this shit would end

    Dax verse:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right
    I turned left
    Now you mad I don’t pick up
    I don’t return texts
    Like I’m supposed to let it slide what and just forget
    That you destroyed everything we had what just for sex
    Fuck that!
    I’m angry, I’m depressed and I’m mad
    Reminiscing over days living life in the past
    How’d you do that shit? Was I really that bad?
    I even let you stay
    I even let you meet my dad
    I don’t know where we go but I know that you’re not for me, you’re not for me..
    Ayye yoo, ayyeee yoo...


    Never thought you’d leave
    never thought it would end
    Look at all the pain that you caused me
    Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
    I never thought this shit would end
    And I don’t want another sorry
    Sorry, you’re not sorry
    I never thought this shit would end

    Trippie Redd verse:

    I'm sorry
    it was a mistake
    every fucking day another heartbreak
    I can't take this pain how much heart aches
    there won't be nothing left
    say you're not sorry, not sorry either
    told you I would love you to the moon and to the ether
    she thinks that I'm stupid and I peeped her
    better off alone by myself I need to leave her
    ye aye


    Never thought you’d leave
    never thought it would end
    Look at all the pain that you caused me
    Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
    I never thought this shit would end
    And I don’t want another sorry
    Sorry, you’re not sorry
    I never thought this shit would end



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    Streaming Everywhere:

    FoLo Dax: @thatsdax
    Shot By: @loganmeis
    Produced By: @lexnourbeats

    #Grinch #Dax #Christmas #HolidayMusic #GRINCHGOESVIRAL

    SORRY YALL... once again the LYRICS are TOO long to fit in the description... it only allows me 5000 characters lolol....

    If u made it this low u a real one... let's share this EVERYWHERE so i can drop a couple more BANGERS before 2021 is over. Like, comment, send to all your family and friends and even strangers lolol. Hopefully y'all get the underlying message that is being sent. Appreciate you all.

  • Chris Webby - Raw Thoughts V


    Raw Thoughts V available everywhere now:

    Directed by @Rook Director
    Produced by JP On Da Track & Nox Beatz

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    #ChrisWebby #RawThoughtsV #WebbyWednesday

    Music video by Chris Webby performing Raw Thoughts V. © 2021 EightyHD

  • Dax - Eminem Rap God Remix One Take Video


    if this doesn't get 200k likes I'm switching genres...
    i already got a SCREAMO and K-POP song ready to go... like, comment, and SHARE :)

    SoundCloud only:

    follow @ thatsdax on EVERYTHING
    Shot by: Logan Meis

    #Rapgod #Eminem #Dax

    btw if u made it this deep in the description you are a real one. there is too many lyrics to fit in here so i couldnt post them. They should be in my pinned post in the comment section! Let's go crazy!!! WE ARE THE LABEL

  • Dax - Book Of Revelations


    Is the World Coming to an end? Where will you spend eternity?
    Share BOOK OF REVELATIONS with everyone you know and let's talk.

    Click here to listen:

    Pre Order the I'Ill Say It For You EP! Drops March 13th :

    Follow DAX: @thatsdax
    Shot by: Moses Isreal
    Produced by: Encore Beats

    #Bookofrevelations #religion #apocalypse #deargod #god #jesus #dax


    I can’t sleep
    I keep thinking about this
    What if with everything going on the world really is coming to an end?
    Then what?

    What if it isn’t a lie
    What if we make it to heaven and don’t get inside
    What if we get to gates...
    and see god on the other side and he looks us in our face and says our whole lives we’ve wasted time
    What if we can’t go back
    What if we can’t redo this life and get one second chance
    What if our future happiness is memories of our past
    While we burn forever haunted by the devils laughs

    why do we push them away
    And why do the ones we work to keep never actually stay
    Why do we focus on tomorrow and forget about today and smile in everybody’s face and try and act like we’re okay
    Why do we live this way
    Why do we hate
    Why do we we fight
    Why do act like there’s time and got more than one life

    I’m older and looking for truth
    I’m holding my faith in my hand but the pain in this world has been shaking it loose
    I used to have so much to gain
    Now I have so much much loose
    They say I’m crazy for looking for answers
    I say they’re crazy for not giving proof
    vision is blurred
    I’m over concerned
    I’m looking at God to see if life with him is something I’ve earned
    The devils been watching he’s trynna recruit he’s been waiting at every turn
    I’m driving this life on the highway to hell but I won’t burn
    We know the difference
    We know what is wrong and we know what is right
    But Satan is strong God and most of your people are loosing the fight
    So what if we fail
    What if we can't escape his lies
    What if can’t change, what if he still control our minds
    Where do we run
    Where do we go
    Who do we talk to
    We look around and everyone we see is lost too
    What if life was just some test that we all do
    What if you were busy when we called you

    What if hell's on earth
    What if being born is dying, and dying's birth
    Would that mean life's not Gods gift but the devils curse
    And to LIVE was to be EVIL cuz it’s words reversed
    What if the devil entered a pastor and he lead a church
    What if we looked for the truth but didn’t know where to search
    What if the books they said to read had never been your words
    What if we chose to follow you but we still had that urge
    Will you forgive us for our sins and let us in your world

    God we at the Gates
    We couldn’t see, hear, or touch you but we had faith
    we know we messed up we human and we make mistakes
    So we just begging we get in and that you’ll have grace
    What if we didn’t mean it
    What if the place we grew up forgot to teach it
    What if we never even got the chance to go and seek it
    Then what
    Then what....

    Dear Family
    We're in scary times
    nobody has the answers
    just make sure we spread love
    and believe
    My name IS DAX...

    Bandwidth Bros.

    Executive Producers
    Daniel Nwosu, Brittney Boston

    Moses Israel

    Natalia Moscoso

    Production Designer
    Day Hernandez

    Costume Designer
    Jen Martin

    Key Make Up
    Alan Gonzalez

    Special FX
    Alex Adams

    Bandwidth Bros.

    Monica Escalante

    VFX Artist
    Cesar Encalada X Vanguard Studios VFX
    Jaraad Nageer

    Additional VFX credit:

    Jaraad Nageer

  • Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin Gs


    Eazy-E - Real Muthap***kkin G's music video feat. Dresta and B.G. Knocc Out. (4K)

    ???? Hear the greatest hits of Eazy-E:

    This track peaked at #42 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming Eazy-E's highest charting single as a solo artist. The track debuts brothers B.G. Knocc Out and Dresta, protégés of Eazy-E.



    Real m****phu***in G's...
    Real m****phu***in G's...
    Real m****phu***in G's...

    Hey Yo doctor, here's another proper track
    And it's phat, watch the sniper, time to pay the piper
    And let that real s*** provoke, see you's a wannabe 'loc
    And you'll get smoked and I hope that your fans understand
    When you talk about spraying me, the same records that you makin' is paying me
    M*****f*** Dre
    M*****f*** Snoop
    M*****f*** Death Row
    Yo, and here comes my left blow
    'cause I'm the E-A-Z-Y-E, and this is the season
    To let the Real m****phu***in G's in, you're like a kid
    You found a pup and now you're dapper,
    But tell me where the f*** you found an anorexic rapper?
    Talking 'bout who you gon' squabble with and who you shoot
    You're only 60 pounds when you're wet and wearing boots
    Damn E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day
    But Dre Day only meant Eazy's payday
    All of a sudden Dr. Dre is a G thing,
    But on his old album covers he was a she thing
    So n**** please, n**** please don't step to these m****phu***in' real G's

    Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am ruthless
    Yo, Dre, what's up? Boy you should've known by now
    Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am ruthless
    Yo, Dre, what's up? Boy you should've known by now

    Every day it's a new rapper, claiming to be dapper than the Dresta,
    Softer then a b**** but portray the role of gangster,
    Ain't broke a law in your life, yet every time you rap
    You yap about the guns and knife, just take a good look
    At the n****, and you'll capture the fact,
    That the b****** is simply just an actor,
    Who mastered the bang and the slang and the Mental,
    Of n***** in Compton, Watts, and South Central
    Never ever once have you ran with the turf,
    But yet in every verse you claim you used to do the dirt,
    But tell me who's a witness to your f***ing work,
    So you never handle business,
    So save the drama j***,
    n***** straight kill me knowing that they pranksters,
    This is going out to you studio gangsters,
    See I did dirt, put in work, and many n***** can vouch that,
    So since I got stripes I got the right to rap about that,
    But n***** like you
    I gotta hate you, 'cause I'm just tired of suburbia n*****
    Talking about they come from projects
    Knowing you ain't seen the parts of the streets G
    Think you started tryna bang around the time of the peace treaty
    Wearing khakis and mob while you rhyme, little f** tried to sag,
    But you're flooding at the same time,
    And your set don't accept you, scared to kick it with your homies
    'cause you know they don't respect you,
    So n**** please check nuts before you step to these, m****phu***in real G's

    [B.G. Knocc Out]
    Well, it's the Knocc Out, definition original baby gangster
    Approach me like you hard, m****phu***er I'mma bank you
    Shank you, with my f***ing shank, if I have to
    Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg are f***ing actors
    Pranksters, studio gangsters, busters
    But this time you're dealing with some real m****phu***ers
    G's, n**** please, don't try to step
    Because if you do, and I peeled cap is all that would be left
    See, young n***** like me will break you off something,
    Claiming my city, but, Dre, you ain't from Compton
    n***** like you all is what I call wannabes
    And ain't s*** compared to real m****phu***in' G's

    Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am ruthless
    Yo, Dre, what's up?
    Boy, you should've known by now

    I never met an OG who never did s*** wrong
    You tried to diss the Eazy-E so now, n****, it's on you and your Doggy Dogg,
    Think that you all hoggin' s***
    Both of you b****** can come and suck my Doggy d***
    Beating up a b**** don't make you s***,
    But then again some n***** think it makes a man,
    Damn it's a trip
    How a n**** could switch so quick from wearing lipstick
    To smoking on Chronic at picnics, and now you think you're bigger
    But to me you ain't nothing but a b****-**s n****
    That ain't worth a food stamp, and at
    Death Row, I hear you're getting treated like boot camp
    Gotta follow your sergeant's directions, or get your a**
    Popped with this Smith and Wesson,
    Learn a lesson from the Eaz'
    Stay in your place and don't step to Real m****phu***in G's

    Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am ruthless!
    Yo, Dre
    Boy you should have known by now..
    Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am ruthless!
    Yo, Dre
    Boy you should have known by now...
    Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am ruthless!
    Yo, Dre
    Boy you should have known by now, Eazy does it.

    Follow Eazy-E:

    (C) 1993 Ruthless / Relativity


  • Dax - FASTER Official Music Video


    [LYRICS BELOW] This is a movie.... hope you guys enjoy! Like, leave a comment, and Let's share this everywhere! To be continued...


    Follow Dax: @ thatsdax
    Directed by: @ cameronlogancox
    Produced by: LexNour Beats @ lexnourbeats

    #Dax #TechN9ne #Faster #ufc4


    Couple niggas left me out to dry I had to crucify,
    Stabbed me in the back you Eint my dog you getting euthanaized
    Lying on the gang and speaking down that shit is suicide
    Black Eint no excuse Eint getting off because we unified

    (CHORUS x2)
    Came through faster
    You move fast ye We move faster
    Can’t stop till we beat you bastards
    Fuck wit me and meet yo master
    Won’t come last we move right past her
    Destroy then I eat you Rappers
    You move fast? No we move fast, if you go fast, we must go fast then even faster

    You niggas straight sick that’s pitiful
    Kill beats that is my ritual
    My words do flips reciprocal
    Can’t compete I mean that literal
    My flow unpredictable
    Moon walk on beats smooth criminal
    Can’t be copied so original Cannot stop me I’m invincible
    Fucking economy niggas throwing money like it’s fucking monopoly niggas hating on me I’m a fucking anomaly
    Gonna have to give ya boy a fucking apology
    You throw shade but follow me follow me
    That’s funny philosophy people giving me clout the way I be using psychology I was down at the bottom and now they can’t get on top of me i’ve been killin the system and been abusing technology

    Who dat?
    That’s nigga go to fast
    That nigga got 2 bags
    His bitch got d cups
    That boy got super Cali fragilistic extra dirty so ballistic bars that make yo shit yoself while pissing asking forgiveness


    (CHORUS x2)
    Came through faster
    You move fast ye We move faster
    Can’t stop till we beat you bastards
    Fuck wit me and meet yo master
    Won’t come last we move right past her
    Destroy then I eat you Rappers
    You move fast? No we move fast, if you go fast, we must go fast then even faster

    (TECH N9NE)





    (CHORUS x2)
    Came through faster
    You move fast ye We move faster
    Can’t stop till we beat you bastards
    Fuck wit me and meet yo master
    Won’t come last we move right past yer
    Destroy then I eat you Rappers
    You move fast? No we move fast, if you go fast, we must go fast then even faster

  • RAPPER REACTS to Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix One Take Video


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    I'm a fat, white YouTube rapper and damn proud of it. Welcome to the Crypt show.

    RAPPER REACTS to Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix [One Take Video]

    #Dax #Dre #Rap

  • Dax - WHOOPTY Remix Official Video


    Whatever I drop next will make an impact...

    Follow @thatsdax on EVERYTHING
    Shot by: Logan Meis

    #Whoopty #Dax #Remix


    i’m getting TIRED of rapping this shit is too easy I probably should go and RELAX
    i go IN-hard-when-i-COME I GOVERNMENT BARS if you hit me I’m gon have to TAX (income tax)
    this shit is fun though
    i'm bout LEGGO
    these niggas BABIES
    i feel like I’m PREGO
    ((see the BEAT you know I’m bout FEAST
    POUNCE and CHASE and GRAB it with my TEETH
    RIP it LIMB from LIMB unleash and then repeat
    i am not the 3 I come B 4 the 2 I am theh 1 you must OUTDO you LION(lying) if u think you’ll win a CHEETAH(cheater) tried and I still CAUGHT up to all HIS MOVES))
    lyrically INDIGENOUS
    IGBOkwenu my TRIBE you can’t get into it
    NAIJA BOI my vibe I spit different
    START IT i FINISH IT niggas been known im k-k-k killing it
    flipping it, ripping its ligaments there is not and equivalent match my DRIVE your DRUNK and too BELLIGERENT
    i am magnificent, i am omnipotent
    if they say GOAT then Dax must be a SYNONYM
    ((i [WILLOW] obey
    there’s no telling how far I’ll go
    I got the [WILL] to win i [SMITH] words
    the real ones they [PHIL] my flow
    i need a bad gyal to gimme [HANCOCK]
    [I AM a LEGEND] I hope you know
    but this money don’t feed my soul)) [Will smith references]
    i’m in my ELEMENT like the PERIODIC TABLE
    i'm a COMPOUND of FLOWS the MIX aint STABLE
    i got 2 H and O
    my DRIPS HYDRO OXYGENIC and unbeatable
    and if show what I’m capable of doing niggas gonna COMBUST
    so I keep my best bars TUCKED and just WARMUP
    and wait till I gotta ERUPT
    i’m in a LEAGUE of my own there's no JUSTICE (Justice League)
    An MC...I HAMMER they CAN'T TOUCH THIS (MC Hammer - Can't Touch
    This) lack substance
    if ever get a chance to INSTRUMENT i'll TRUMP IT(trumpet)
    and BLOW BEATS BACK i'm VIOLENT (violin)
    consistently without mumbling
    my HEMOGLOBINS so HIGH that explains the IRON that I be PUMPING (high hemoglobin means u need to intake more iron... i used to be anemic lol but also meant that I STAY WORKING OUT)
    i’m off the RICTOR SISTER (richter scale)
    so consistent with the
    flows That I CONTROL they CRUISE Like VICTOR (cruise control, victor cruz)
    i got SUPER BOWLS i'm CEREAL (serial)
    CUT THROATS these people think i'm Killa (kill ya) (serial killer)
    beats and eat the bodies it’s HOMICIDE yo LOCAL call me
    i'm a mix of BRON and MJ
    and MUHAMMAD Ali's (all these) flows I throw could PUNCH and BREAK ya body
    a different species
    rap game won’t admit it but it needs me
    no chains
    no cars
    no hoes
    just bars
    and flows
    and I make it look easy
    deep songs with thought provoking theories
    NETFLIX needs to gimme a series
    i jumped through HULU-hoops to get here bitch boi
    i ain't never been needy
    they PUSH ME OUT
    I PUNCH IT IN (punch in)
    this OFF THE TOP cuz OFF THE END (often)
    question my reign and dominance
    that spreads through all 7 continents
    and if it wasn’t for these dumb ass politics
    from incompetent optimists who engage non consciousness i'd be stacked
    with accomplishments that complement my skill and my confidence
    i can’t stop now
    i am the answer lyrical excellence RADIATES the CANCER
    if i ever need a HOE ima call up SANTA
    fuck the slander I’m the CHIEF and I COMMAND YA (commander-in-chief)
    all to raise your fucking standards
    all these FLOWS I SHIT I need some HUGGIE PAMPERS
    and these ((HITS i HOMER and reLISA will APU on you and leave ya stucklike NED FLANDERS))
    god damn I’m JUICED like JAMBA (jamba juice lol)
    can’t keep me at BAY like TAMPA
    bout to fuck the whole game with my big banana and send you to casa blancas by manyana keep talking shit, ya gramma not your grandma, ya grammer
    it's dax...

    IF U MADE It DOWN HERE u a fooooking real one.... lets keep grinding. WE are the label. hope u enjoy the whoopty remix. this is our last remix of the year. love yalllllllll.... and yes that is hebrew im speaking hahahahahahahah

  • Dax - Rap God Freestyle One Take Video


    (LYRICS BELOW) To celebrate She Cheated Again already almost hitting 2 million here is my RAP GOD freestlye. Originally freestyles this on 92.3LA then got convinced to make it a full song. Did I kill it?

    ? Share it with everyone you know!

    Shot by: Thad Swift
    ↓ FOLLOW ME!
    ► Instagram:
    ► Snapchat: danielnwosu

    For anyone who makes it this far in the description I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a crazy journey so far and it is just getting started. The power of manifestation is real. Thank you for allowing me to put my heart into my music and listening. I promise to never give up. I will not stop pushing until I reach the top. You can't beat someone who doesn't quit! Share this everywhere!

    #rapgod #rapdevil #machinegunkelly #eminem


    I’m sick of the bullshit, I should be on top but I’m riding the bench,
    Niggas are blowing for less I been killing these beats and they don’t wanna show me respect,
    Hopped off the porch from the north ya I came here to kill so I’m aiming these bars at their neck
    God to these niggas I took them to church cause these pussy ass niggas gon have to repent
    Ask any rapper bout Dax and I promise that nigga gon say they don’t know me
    I meet em in person they say they the homie, then I got the word that the nigga a phony, half of these rappers was made wit abode, copy and paste they just rap bout a roley, cutting up rappers like barbers cuz I got the edge now I’m up so I fade em like kobe

    All black Be the fit because I’m finna murder niggas here today, I was janitor back in December then I took my shit and I moved to LA, used to be broke, I was cleaning the floors it was overnight shifts everyday, now when I rap on an instrumental you can guarantee my ass getting paid

    Eminem come find me
    Dr Dre come sign me
    Props to my nigga Travis Scott cause he put a baby up in Kylie, I ain’t taking disses lightly, if you gon talk you gon have to fight me, no I eint Kanye u won’t getaway if you try to mention on my wifey

    What you thought this was joke? Peep the drip nigga need a coat, thought I would lay down, couldn’t stay down man dax never lost hope, now when I move they treat me like the pope, rapping a year but treat me like the goat, wave making people drown now I got niggas hopping on the boat, hopping on the boat and trying to hit a lick, only fuck wit me now a nigga rich, ain’t about that golddigging fucking shit, man I need a jada pinket fucking Smith, nigga I’m Jordan so I need a pip, nigga I’m harden so I need a Chris, nigga I’m balling gimme the assist, nigga I’m shooting if you want a chip

    Real freestyle shit you thought wrong, I’m just blessed, this here chess, 2 moves up, I’m what’s on and what’s next, fake rap I can’t connect, no WiFi that’s collect, 25 for a call that’s why they make no sense

    I was in the back row chilling
    Now I’m in front row chilling
    Man I used to walk to the studio and now I got a car so I’m riding in a rav 4 Wheeling
    Any other rapper vs me gon kill em
    I be on my King Kong shit gorillam
    21 plus if a bitch trying to fuck I eint Trynna go to jail so I eint gon deal em

    So I went to rolling loud, made a couple K and a fucked a bad bitch from my fan base, then I doubled back made her ass clap and fuck another girl off a fan page, on a rampage, Dax ya this a campaign, I ain’t going back to being broke and I fucking with you if you if you damn lame.

  • Dax - She Cheated Again


    [LYRICS BELOW] She Cheated Again is my deepest song ever. Share this with everyone and anyone. Hope you can relate. Part 3 coming soon...


    Prod. by @lexnourbeats
    Shot by: Thad Swift
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    ► Snapchat: danielnwosu

    For anyone who makes it this far in the description I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a crazy journey so far and it is just getting started. The power of manifestation is real. Thank you for allowing me to put my heart into my music and listening. I promise to never give up. I will not stop pushing until I reach the top. You can't beat someone who doesn't quit! Share this everywhere!

    #SheCheatedAgain #SheCheated #SadNiggaHours

    To be honest I didn’t even want to make this.

    I knew the topic I would talk about was frowned upon and heavily debated.

    Everybody thinks I’m happy but I’m not and this here is my confession.

    How I let a girl destroy me and then push me to the point of this depression.

    Ya I’m talking about that do or die

    Ya I’m talking bout that suicide

    Got all these cars man but who gon ride?

    Fucked my friend a couple times

    Told me all those fucking lies

    So I wrote a song so you could find out how I felt inside

    I swear to God I almost shot myself a couple times.

    I should be dead

    So I had a talk with god and he told me I’d be hard so I asked if I could stay and he could take you instead.

    Remember all the shit that you was telling me? How you loved me and wadn’t nobody above me now it’s funny all the shit that you promised is just a memory.

    You gave me something to believe in then you broke me into pieces and it’s fucking with me mentally.

    And I can’t trust no other bitch because I’m starting to see woman as the enemy.

    I saw you texting with the dude and it was cool because you told me you and him were just friends

    Then I caught you in the bed, let it slide, took you back, and then you went and fucked the same dumb nigga again!

    What the fuck bitch? I gave my all to you.

    There’s a kid that no ones knows about and me and you both know that I’m the father too, that means I am apart of you, you went and broke my heart in two, then stabbed me in the back and watched me bleed pulled an pulled an audible.


    How you think this gon end?

    Cause I been dealing with depression,

    Social media attention

    They expect me to be happy but I’m fucking depressed.

    Ye I swear I’m fucking depressed. All the money in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t share it with somebody that you love and that you fucking respect.

    Do you know how it feels to be awake but all you want to do is go back to sleep because reality suffocating pushing on your chest so all you want to do is go and live your life in ya dreams?

    Do you know how it feels when the person that you love doesn’t love you back, when say the right things but their actions are opposite of everything they tell you everyday to relax?

    Bitch I would of killed for u!

    Man fuck all of this music I’d pass up on a deal for you!

    Other niggas tried to fuck I swear I only saw the real in you!

    You cheated twice!

    And now I can’t deal with you!

    It’s Dax

    Dear God,
    I ask that you give me the strenght to trust again. Please help me relieve this burden from my heart. I know that time heals all wounds and some just take longer than others so i'm going to trust you with this process.


  • Dax - GRINCH


    Like, comment, and share... :)

    Streaming Everywhere:

    FoLo Dax: @thatsdax
    Shot By: Logan Meis
    Prod. by: Lex Nour Beats

    #TheGrinch #Christmas #santa #Grinch

    first off fuck santa claus he eint never done shit for a nigga like me
    people been hating on me since I was like three just because I was different and my skin was light green hating and spreading rumors all over IG
    IC them coming for everything that IB
    trolling hard and making fun of my teeth, my skin, my hair, and the fucking way I speak was the night before Christmas, all through the house
    I sat in my room alone with no spouse scrolling my phone
    comparing myself to people who don’t put no food in my mouth
    looking around jerking off to bella thornes only fans account
    while scheming the system and faking depression so I can get rich just to double my clout i’m tired of christmas I don’t want a PRESENT can’t wait for the FUTURE i’m done the PAST i’m fucking up santa on sight if I see him i’m punching his belly and kicking his ass RUDOLPH can get it that RED on his NOSE a get put on his HEAD if he’s TALKING that TRASH
    and COMET and CUPID and DASHER and DANCE
    santa gon’ think i’m a psycho
    i’m DUNKING these cookies like MICHEAL
    i’m fucking ms. claus then I’m posting the vid so your HOE HOE HOE is viral
    life is viscous cycle karma comes around and bites you this for everybody who was mean and bullied me down in whoville back in highschool
    My hams greens with the eggs and steak
    i MAX out on my DOG I’m scamming unemployment out in several states
    i DRIVE STICK I don’t need a SLEIGH
    need NO HOOKS cause I’ve MASTERED BAIT (masturbate)
    i’m so good even Santa plays this song on Christmas
    i’m THE GRINCH
    no hands when I’m taking a piss
    no condom when i’m fucking ya bitch
    i don’t need FIRE to heat to my crib you dumb fuck i’m already LIT
    and the only time you’ll ever RAP better is when you wRAPPING CHRISTMAS GIFTS
    i wanna know if you're naughty or nice
    i bet you pray on the downfall of others like me whenever you sleep at night
    fuck this society everyone acts like they’re perfect while judging another’s life you don’t qualify to judge on what is wrong from right
    i’m bout to THROW massive fit
    a PUNCH i don’t care if you’re a pacifist (pass A fist) I’ll PASS THIS FIST like a perfect STEVE NASH PASS ASSIST
    you straight ASS all you PASS is GAS
    and if you do the math you’ll never be HALF of HALF what my ACTIVE IS
    i’m CAPtaning you CAP that's a asterisks to say you should never try to be an ACTIVIST
    let me explain my pain and why i’m going insane
    and why ya negativity energy’s penetrating my brain I gotta fettish for dead ish I’ll JJ REDDISH ya face for speaking PLETHORIC RHETORIC on a veterans name
    don’t ever speak on my GREEN unless its MONEY i've made
    and if you do it a g g gain ima k k k k k k k k kick in ya face
    then take my body builder body run and pick the pace back to my cave up the mountain where I’ll kick up legs
    i know you’re sick of how I innovate
    santa has been jealous looking for ways to eliminate you can (S)UCK (T)HIS (D)ICK STD if you abbreviate deviate abracadabra you keep on talking you’ll disintegrate I’m dissing-the-great (dis-in-te-grate)
    chimney sliding milk cookie diving sleigh driving elf and high fiving jolly fat smiling guy that rides private without no license
    G R I N C H I’m all green not clean spray me with lysol
    i’m depressed that’s ok I take drugs to
    to pick me up like ground balls
    you can tell by my I eyeballs
    i self loath so much I might call
    1-800-got-junk and tell them I think suicidal and if they don’t pick up i’ll kill myself and then i’ll go viral and tell God we need a Grinch chapter in next years new age Bible
    then get spiteful, look at earth and see all of my haters living life so seek revival and kill them and all their friends on my arrival...
    And once I arrive you should pray I decide not to come for your neck, do not be cordial and smile in face you’re a snake And I've heard all the lies that you’ve spread
    Do not say sorry or act like you made a mistake and pretend that you want to friends cause now it’s too late and the words that you’ve said are words that have driven me over the edge
    Now I see red
    Now I see bullets in unison traveling straight to your head
    Now I see people in pain their emotions are withering hanging on just by a thread
    You should of left me alone the unknown was the thrill you were searching for but now instead I’m lyrically piercing your flesh for that thrill and I’ll do it again and again and again
    Look in mirror there is no reflection cause you’re getting sick
    You hate on everyone you selfish narcissistic fucking prick
    You’ve destroyed me with your words I might just cut off both your lips
    And then go trans and cut my shit if it means having you’ll get off my dick...

  • Dax - GODZILLA Remix One Take Video


    New project dropping soon... #illSayItForYou


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    Shot by: Logen Meis

    #Godzilla #Eminem #Remix


    This beats incredible
    Me and Eminem beats are identical twins were like inseparable
    I sing I rap they’re side by side just like my testicles
    I’m gonna fuck this beat like my girl it’s gonna sound sexual
    Listen close if your skeptical
    I’m bout mop it up
    Toes painted while I’m robbin ya
    Daxnos repping H and M
    They all “humbly miss” if they holliser
    Twist words like I’m oliver
    See my future something like philosophers
    Niggas just like forester
    Went the extra mile they went kilometers
    I’m bout to eradicate it
    If they spoke on my name it was fabricated
    Every move that I made has been calculated
    If you hating then you get decapitated
    Are you captivated
    I was born for this why are you aggravated
    I got drip it’s so hot it evaporated
    I got drive you in park I can validate it
    Cut this beat up bout to examinate it
    No exaggeration this no problem a kuna matata
    Niggas be lion I might call you simba and give you a scar and say Hasta Mañana
    I finish beats like a period don’t take no breaks If do it’s count up my commas
    I’m hot like sauna, I’m spitting my nigga I feel like lama, I’m bombing on beats man I feel like osama, I’m taking precedence trumping the game blacking out on country I feel like I’m obama, you rap for a chapter I rap for a saga, I’m milking this beat like Tits on our mamas, this beat is home its mi casa es su casa, I’m changing my flows skin on iguanas, my dick is big when I grabbed it showed her she looked up to heaven and screamed anaconda
    If you chit chat
    You will get gang banged just double cheese and a MCchicken when mis matched,
    Then toe tagged like tic tac, my flow nice if you say its not we know that’s big cap
    It’s Dax you know that ima get big racks, click click 2020 imma make impact,
    In fact imma drop hits everytime I roll out, just did a show in my city and sucked on some titties I had that bitch sold out, watch how I dunk on the beat like I been in the league eint nobody got more bounce, People will do anything For the fame everything is a game they want more clout

    This shit is a warm up dawg
    The labels been calling I’m working I really don’t mean to ignore I’m exploring dawg, sleeping on me people snoring just start touring free man like my first name is Morgan bars illegal like downloaded Torrent,
    so fly like I’m out the orbit,
    white flag when I rap people forfeit, straight bars bitch I don’t need a chorus,
    of course they gon hate an ignore it,
    terabytes in my brain I got storage,
    7 figure nigga bitch Important,
    left hand if I shoot it I score it
    you a baby that they should of aborted,
    Fuck hate if they throw I absorb it,
    Cocaine flow it sounds like I snorted,

    Rapping to infinity
    It’s clear I’m the hardest and baddest in the vicinity
    I’ve never gimmicky
    Never been fidgety
    Hottest you can check the humidity
    In to win it more talented than niggas ahead of me
    KILLA delivery lyrical symmetry
    everything I spit is godly like I’m rapping in ministry
    I’m a bout get a felony wit dis typa energy oh I can’t rap fast what fuck is you telling me must be sniffing meth amphetamine you niggas is ddddd dead to me you cannot knock me off this ddddd destiny especially how I’ve done it and killed it all independently they hated but could never assasinate my identity I’m ggg genetically gifted kkk kill everything I touch it’s ridiculous, fuck opinions, who gon stop me bitch I’m going the distance, I’m gonna finish, gonna win it, 2020 I’m blowing I’m gon get it

    This shits incredible
    If you don’t show respect I know you eint no intellectual
    What goes around comes around this shits perpetual
    I’m sick I might need medical
    I’m bending words like bechkam my bars be so damn flexible
    Get green just like a vegetable
    My shit be so precise when I’m rapping I’m Using decimals
    Mixing it like chemicals
    I’m free styling but might do this whole beat cuz I’m extendable
    do not try this at home kids it’s only for us professionals

  • Dax - I Cant Breathe


    [LYRICS BELOW] I Can't Breathe is a song about my personal feelings throughout my journey. Thank you for listening. Share this with everyone and anyone. Hope you can relate. I'll Say It for you...

    Go listen the the audio on REPEAT:

    Call or Text @HOPELINENC for help: 877-235-4525
    You talk, They Listen

    Donate here:

    Prod. by @encorebeats @deerixtheproducer
    Shot by: @loganmeis
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    ► Snapchat: danielnwosu

    Facebook page: @DAX

    #icantbreathe #anxiety #cantbreathe


    Have you ever felt this weight on your chest that makes it feel like you can’t breathe
    I have

    I can’t breathe
    I’m struggling finding the balance between what I want and I need
    I’ve been playing with God but it feels like the devils been coaching the team
    I got so much what to say but anxiety whispers and tells me don’t speak
    I been living on earth but that one day I could live in my dreams
    I Been lost in mind for a minute I’m searching for somewhere to go
    I look right at my mom and I cry cuz I wish she didn’t have to get old
    I got all of these people around me but why do I still feel all alone
    I got all this money
    I just bought a house
    but With nobody in it it isn’t a home
    All of these contacts inside of my phone
    But I can’t come in contact with someone to hold
    Sometimes I sit in the shower and cry cuz the water disguises my tears in the flow
    Look in mirror I don’t see a soul
    Looking for love but I’m on the road
    this isn’t song, this is poem
    I can’t breath
    I’m not even tired but I just want to sleep
    I’m drowning in pain it’s getting too deep
    This weight is enormous I’m crying for help but don’t nobody see
    I’m at war in my head everyday I’ve been screaming and fighting for peace
    I’m hurt my Hearts full of rage
    My life is a book that they can’t even read Cuz I’m Bleeding on every page
    Our people are dying to young man were tired of commenting all on their page
    We just said a prayer for one and woke up and another was taken away
    Let me know if it’s better space
    I wanted the money I got and now that I’m rich I have nothing to chase
    I’d rather be happy broke then rich with no one to love everyday
    I know everybody relates
    I hope that you hear while I pray
    Me say
    I can’t breath
    I’m on my knees
    I’m begging you please
    They left me for dead
    created a storm
    They thought I would drown but they didn’t know that I am a seed
    and yes I’m looking for help
    I wanted to love but I cudnt love cuz I didn’t love my self
    I done blaming everyone
    No more blaming everyone else
    From now on I’m blaming myself

    I can’t breathe
    I’m struggling finding the balance between what I want and I need
    I’ve been playing with God but it feels like the devils been coaching the team
    I got so much what to say but anxiety whispers and tells me don’t speak
    I been living on earth but that one day I could live in my dreams
    I can’t breathe
    I’m struggling finding the balance between what I want and I need
    I’ve been playing with God but it feels like the devils been coaching the team
    I got so much what to say but anxiety whispers and tells me don’t speak
    I been living on earth but that one day I could live in my dreams

    I can’t breath
    Not tired but I sleep
    I cry yes I weep
    They don’t know what I need

    I can’t breathe
    I’m struggling finding the balance between what I want and I need
    I’ve been playing with God but it feels like the devils been coaching the team
    I got so much what to say but anxiety whispers and tells me don’t speak
    I been living on earth but that one day I could live in my dreams
    I can’t breath
    I can’t breath
    I can’t breath
    I can’t

  • Dax - Eternity


  • Dax - Wack Ass Rappers Freestyle One Take Video


    DAXNOS has arrived. This is the first infinity stone Rap! I’m just getting started. 5 more to go. I’m ready for W.A.R. Share this everywhere and go stream it and add to your playlists

    Go listen on repeat on spotify and apple music CLICK HERE:

    Prod. @lexnourbeats
    Shot by: @loganmeis

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    ► Snapchat: danielnwosu

    Shoutout to anyone who made it this far! Thanks for being with me on this journey! Lets of big plays coming the rest of 2019! We are just getting started! Lets keep growing the family!

    #wackassrappers #war #youtuberappers

    Wack ass rappers like a bitch getting passed around, I dont need yo co-sign we Eint bros dis Eint no hand me down, graduated something like a scholar peep the cap and gown, started from the bottom you eint heard? Fucking ask around, kemba bars ye they got the shimmy leave you outtaa bounds, you eint got no money that’s the labels sit yo ass down,
    7 figures independent nigga ya I’m cashing out
    eint promoting shit you gotta pay Eint no handouts
    No cap I’m bout to blow like any fucking day now my bars hitting every single state like a greyhound, Wack ass rappers call me corny cuz I play round, then ask me for advice I gotta charge here’s my PayPal
    Epileptic flow my bars a give you fucking seizures, niggas hating ya I see you you’ve been screaming from the bleachers, he a preacher, I don’t like em, you too? Me neither? (Wack rappers saying I didn’t even try on they features,
    Lemme break it down for you wack rappers this is simple math niggas if you paying half the cash then you getting half gas, Freestyle verse sounding better then yo written raps, then breast feed you on your own track like it’s Similac
    Don’t get mad at a nigga like me cuz the track you sent was trash
    I can’t put no v12 bars on a V6 that shit gon crash
    Global warming I recycled for the planet not yo ass,
    Then gave urs tracks with the most views yo wack ass Ever had
    Ungrateful, so shameful, wack rappers unfaithful I done started y’all careers you niggas should he saying thank you, i
    Took the time to even help y’all write tracks cuz I was begged to then you blogging on channels crying acting like I raped you
    Y’all funny you eint rappers you comedians
    You eating off my plate because I got the right ingredients lying to the public saying I’m exuding greediness while telling half the story without showing all the previous
    Y’all niggas can’t do what I do
    Y’all mad yall niggas can’t move how I move
    I’m up no nigga can’t loose
    Y’all used my name so you can views
    Y’all tried to put Dax in the news y’all lied next time put Dax with truth y’all wack can’t rap with Dax in the booth that’s fax try to match watch dax boutta do
    And lyrically there’s no comparison this isnt arrogance this rap shit is in my blood nigga and my skeleton a specimen a Lab rapper made by an experiment imperative I end battles fueling my adrenaline
    Y’all went and bit the hand that feeds you lost all yo inheritance no medicine my shit Is fatal poisonous and venomous.. I Eint no Samaritan, heart blacker then my fucking melanian I put you niggas on bought you light Thomas edison you niggas walking nigga I be pedaling my bars deadly fill you with this lead like you zeppelin crash dummies cut yo shit short like impediments I built my own land you can’t steal it like Americans

    Don’t get it screwed up the fame I do not chase, yo careers in a crypt, you still the same place, making videos of Dax trynna do me like the feds cuz they
    Bars low quality mine is hi Res
    We not in the same league don’t even act like we are you will not beat Dax like a KSI spar not lyrically, spiritually, physically or biblically y’all Niggas made in China’s was made in fucking Italy I rap with an efficiency where every single word is placed careful and deliberately in harmony with symmetry, metaphors that metamorph whores and these similes that dumbledore catapault dwarves to infinity
    I do this shit religiously
    You youtube rappers can’t mimmick me
    My speed and agility my smarts and consistency my heart and my energy
    Standstill very watch me dunk on the industry
    You are now the enemy
    How the fuck You try to put an end to me
    Dax nigga I’m my own entity
    Y’all got fucked
    Dax came and took all your virginities then leaked the video for publicity

    Back at it, bad habit, my shit is illmatic
    These bars are automatic don’t reply if you can’t match it
    These youtube rappers really tried to act like I was average kill me in the public watch me bleed and think that I would vanish
    Now I got you niggas in a bind
    Now I got you niggas in LINE
    Headshot every-time
    Dislocate separate then reconfigure your whole spine for thinking you could ever dim or stop or hault my god damn shine

  • Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix | JK Bros REACTION!!



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    #Dax #DrDre #StillDreRemix

  • D.A.X 2021 MIX - Top songs 2021 - Tiktok Songs 2021 Collection


    D.A.X 2021 MIX - Top songs 2021 - Tiktok Songs 2021 Collection

    [00:00:00] - M y H e a r t H u r t s
    [00:03:26] - ' d e a r G o d '
    [00:07:16] - ' t h e N e x t R a p G o d '
    [00:17:52] - J o k e r R e t u r n s
    [00:22:46] - ' b o o k O f R e v e l a t i o n s '
    [00:26:41] - W h y S o S e r i o u s
    [00:30:39] - I D o n ' t W a n t A n o t h e r S o r r y
    [00:34:21] - ' i C a n ' t B r e a t h e '
    [00:38:00] - P h e n o m e n o n
    [00:40:56] - G o t h a m
    [00:44:36] - W h y S o S e r i o u s
    [00:48:34] - P h e n o m e n o n
    [00:51:30] - ' b o o k O f R e v e l a t i o n s '
    [00:55:25] - J o k e r R e t u r n s
    [01:00:19] - ' d e a r G o d '

    D.A.X 2021,
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  • Dax - Britney Spears TOXIC Remix Official Video


    [Lyrics Below]
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    soundcloud + audiomack only:

    follow dax everywhere: @ thatsdax
    shot by: @ Loganmeis @ asersantosjr

    #britneyspears #toxic #freebritney #dax


    GIRL: like omg b*itch did you hear about that f*cking rapper dax like the.. all he f*cking talks about is like being a f*cking he think he's so f*cking do- he's garbage babe, babe he's f*cki ARGH BABE HE'S GARBAGE!

    can’t TOUCH the flow it’s too TOXIC
    can’t see the VISION your OPTICS
    got BLURRED from constantly WATCHING
    instagram and everyones pockets
    i promise it’ll drive you psychotic
    is-total-DEPRESSION and constant assessment of one's inner value and outward appearance
    fuck n*ggas always speaking on my name I DIVIDE the hate they MULTIPLY fame
    my GRIP so TIGHT I could REF the GAME
    So FILE (foul) my shit like INSURANCE CLAIMS
    my [ALL]-is-enough-and-my-mental-[STATE]-
    is-the-[FARM] BREEDS exponential hate
    so I sit back grab a KIT-KAT take a BREAK
    imma a BIG MAC but don’t mix dicks (McDicks) I eint GAY
    get it?
    i'm a big [DOG-PEN]-GAME cray i don’t see you [FISH] if I do it’s [FILLET] you people [MIGNON] un [PETITE] FRANCAISE
    [dog pen, fish fillet, fillet mignon, mignon = small in french which is also petite]
    FRENCH: quand je parle, parle pas tu n'es pas concrete
    on y va quand je rap Oui ça cause tempête
    conséquence d’un homme qui est comme un prophète
    oui oui hair un grosse tête
    tu peu pas rappé avec moi man
    GIRL: omg b*itch did you know he spoke french too?
    RAP GOD wanna F*CK you can find me on CHRISTIAN MINGLE
    my MISTLETOE make a HOE like KRINGLE sing
    i BEAUTOX beats find every WRINKLE
    i don’t do POP if I do it’s PIMPLES
    this BLACKHEADS full I’ve never been simple
    i’m PRO-ACTIVE (pimple cream+sport) and my world plays NIMBLE
    i’m twice the cost my independent stock
    BLOWS the game but I’m not still on TOP
    all the CHICKEN that I get and gots
    like a ROOSTER SYNONYM because I COCK-A-DOODLE on these other people's songs
    they're MID-i-KNIGHT them like the CRACK of DAWN they hate them I come back and just (respawn-respond) with bars they can’t detect because their drawn to rap cap, trap beats with a high hat

    GIRL: Why does everyone like that? i mean Dax drops hits that, hit so hard that you just might need an ice pack... omg b*tch he's got me rapping too, he's so motivational hahahaha

    i BLESS the game the bars I point ACHOO (at you)
    PIERCE ya BODY like a new TATTOO
    I [HIP-and-HOP] all over every tune so much the GENRE wants to see me lose
    but once i [POP] i promise they’ll resume to [ROCK AND ROLL] with me just to amuse the [COUNTRY[[ies]] [SOUL] the tricked into a [BLUES] to [PUNK] your mind IN TUNE and to confuse
    GIRL: OMG B*TCH he just named 7 genres of music! Which one's he gonna do ?!?
    K-POP maybe
    TECHNO babi
    REGGAE music it’s super wavy
    EMO'S dope but then they’d think i’m crazy
    and probably won’t attract to many ladies
    CHRISTIAN MUSIC lit but I cuss so pastors probably are not gonna play me when technically my lyrics teach and preach the same things that they’re speaking on the daily
    so the fuck the genres
    it’s all subjective
    suppress the flow that’s not cost effective
    PhD with my FLOW finessing
    so I don’t care if I’m not a FRESHMAN (lol)
    listen up cuz this CLASS in SESSION
    is EXPONENTIALLY so PROGRESSIVE and pushing to rap to an ESOTERIC like unreachable 4TH DIMENSION
    that’s me
    don’t you ever try to play me nigga
    i just started rapping i promise that i’m getting bigger
    every bar that i spit flips
    i BRITNEY SPEAR the game with my scripts
    i SPIT so much shit that I could DROWN 20 CLITS in my DRIP then take my whole FIST and STICK it so far up down and then all around and still CELIBATE (sell a bit) and get rich

    GIRL: b*tch b*tch DID YOU HEAR THAT? i'm gonna send him a dm he changed my life.... OMG HE REPLIED B*ITCH, HE F*CKING REPLIED... omg he's such a good person like like who takes the time to do that?


    That’s what I do
    go ON AND ON
    like ERYKAH BADU
    i’ve EVOLVED so much I can’t PIKACHU (peek at you)
    so i don’t SEE NO BEEF unless i’m in the STEW (stu aka studio) COOKING UP to level they cannot reach
    i ENSLAVE these beats that’s a MASSApeice (masterpiece)
    people SUB-n the GAME with a nasty TWEET
    but they focused on me so they can’t COMPETE
    they A-NAT-O-M(e)y (are not me) my ANATOMY
    is the OFFSPRING of RAP GOD MIXED BREED to the 13th power of the 21st tree in a SEQUENCE-known as the-FIBONACCI on the 34th bar you're 7 under par x7+ 6 cuz your STROKE GAMES WEAK [fibonacci sequence: 13,21,34,55 (7x7+6)]
    this ain't rap lil n*gga this is BIG D*CK SPEECH and that's how I CUM HARD every gawd damn beat.

    GIRL: (didn't feel like writing this one out lolol)

  • Dax - Does God cry?


  • Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix | REACTION


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  • Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg “Still D.R.E.” Remix | HER FIRST TIME HEARING DAX! ????????


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  • YelloPain - When I Grow Up


    We all start off with dreams...

  • THIS IS HOW WE STARTING 2022 DAX???!!!! Dax - Still D.R.E. Remix


    #TeamSupreme #Dax #RapGod #DaxReaction #StillDreRemix

    Road To 100K!!!!

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  • Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.R.E. Remix One Take Video Reaction


    Dax Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg Still D R E Remix One Take Video Reaction.

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