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Radio Station of Titanic

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Titanic


    Titanic (prod. by Black Noi$e)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    Video directed by Rodney Passe

    #EarlSweatshirt #Titanic #SICK

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  • Earl Sweatshirt - 2010


    2010 (prod. by Black Noi$e)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    Directed and edited by Ryosuke Tanzawa
    Produced by Sean Gordon-Loebl
    Director of Photography Alex Huggins
    Location and set design by Jerald Cooper for Hood Century
    Executive Producer Naoya Watanabe
    1st AC Victor Grossling
    Dan Muchnik
    Colorist David Torcivia
    VFX Artist Pete Puskas
    Production Support Eric Hatch
    Production Company Cekai Inc.

    #EarlSweatshirt #2010 #SICK

    2010 Lyrics:

    I'ma need a bigger bag for the cohort
    Tryna make a millionaire out of slum dogs
    Bet that, head crack, blunt force
    Cozy with the east Africans up north
    Where seven make a three, turn a ten by law
    Crescent moon wink, when I blinked, it was gone
    Left the crib, smacked, no sheath on the sword
    Made it by the skin of my teeth, thank God
    '03, momma rockin' Liz Claiborne
    Had her stressin' up the wall playin' Mary J. songs
    Rainy day came, couldn't rinse the stains off
    Long way to go, we already came far
    Story stayed the same, it was never made up
    Threw me loose change, look at what I made of it
    When the mood change I'ma poker face 'em
    It's a new day, who got all the aces?
    Who be foldin' late? Who know when to play dead?
    Who sit up straight when the roof caved in?
    Had a full plate, you ain't wanna split it
    Tell it to you straight, you ain't wanna listen

    Cup runneth over the brim
    Bust open, there's no closin' the lid
    Drum roll, here go my lil' entrance
    Gung ho, I'm the one that go get it
    Five O's on me like the Olympics
    Pure gold, somethin' told me don't mix it
    Caught a feelin', momma had me out temptin'
    Not religious, we was really out Philly
    Livin' on the fly tryna wing it
    We got us a fire to rekindle
    Redirect the fight where it's meant for
    Triumph over plight and immense loss
    Ride alone at night, I get clear thoughts
    Caught a couple slights and I veered off
    Saw another height, had my ears poppin'
    Walked outside, it was still gorgeous
    Sharp incisors reveal slowly
    In a dark inside, we was real hungry
    On a seven of the five, we was real hungry
    Uh, niggas still drummin'
    Foot shook ground when I stepped on it
    Didn't look back when I broke soil
    'Cause every time I did, it would hurt more
    In a dark inside, we was real hungry
    On a seven of the five, we was real hungry
    And I didn't look back when I broke soil
    'Cause every time I did, it would hurt more
    Yessir, this nigga spittin'
    Damn, nigga

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  • Tyler, The Creator - Who Dat Boy



    Dir: Wolf Haley

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Vision


    Vision feat. Zelooperz (prod. by Black Noi$e)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK

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  • Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator- Rella


    Directed By Wolf Haley
    Filmed By Luis Perez
    Produced Tara Razavi

    The OF Tape Vol. 2 Out Now!!!

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    ???? SIMON (Miniminter)

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  • Earl Sweatshirt - WHOA


    Tan Cressida Records/Columbia
    Earl Sweatshirt - WHOA
    Directed By Wolf Haley.
    Filmed By Luis Ponch.
    Produced By Tara Razavi.
    DORIS Coming Soon!
    Buy it on iTunes:

  • Odd Future - Oldie


    At A Photoshoot, We Said Our Verses Into A Camera While This Song Was Playing In The Background. Why Not Release it.

    OFTAPE Vol 2 Out Now!!!

    Filmed By Lance Bangs

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Tabula Rasa feat. Armand Hammer


    Tabula Rasa feat. Armand Hammer (prod. by Theravada & Rob Chambers)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    Video directed by Joseph Mault

    #EarlSweatshirt #TabulaRasa #SICK

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  • The Alchemist - Loose Change feat. Earl Sweatshirt


    Directed by Lonewolf
    from This Thing Of Ours EP by The Alchemist
    Produced by The Alchemist
    Mixed by Phillippe Weiss
    Mastered by Joe Laporta

    2021 ALC Records/ Empire

  • Thrasher Magazines Grindland - Full Movie


    “Grindland – Red, Monk and the Birth of DIY” is the story of Mark Scott and Mark Hubbard, two visionary skaters from the Pacific Northwest who, along with dedicated friends, kickstarted the modern DIY/concrete skatepark revolution. From the early days of Burnside to 2019’s Rip Ride Rally, this film explores the friendship, struggle, triumph and tragedy of true iconoclasts, hellbent on building the skateparks of their dreams.

    With commentary and appearances by Mark Scott, Mark Hubbard, Danyel Scott, Buddy Nichols, Sam Hitz, Peter Hewitt, Kaya Hubbard, Grindline the Band and many more.

    By Michael Burnett and Matt Bublitz

    Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

  • The Game ft. Kanye West - My Life Was Never Eazy


  • Earl Sweatshirt - Old Friend


    Old Friend (prod. by The Alchemist)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Solace


    Earl's newest song named Solace, including a couple of new instrumentals and lyrical parts.

  • Earl Sweatshirt - SICK! ALBUM REVIEW



    For me, the efficacy and appeal of SICK!'s disjointedness starts to wane in the second half.

    More rap reviews:



    Official site:




    TND Twitch:





    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

  • Earl Sweatshirt - 2010 FIRST REACTION/REVIEW


    We just got some new EARL SWEATSHIRT. This was completely unexpected and we're here for it!

    Extended Videos + Exclusive Content:


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  • Young M.A Crime Poetry


    Young M.A - Crime Poetry.
    Stream + download the 'Herstory in the Making' album here:
    Track produced by NY Bangers
    Video directed by Marc Diamond

    Text me at (718) 808-6312.
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    #YoungMA #CrimePoetry

  • Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples - Inside the Beat - Ep. 1


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    In the first episode of Inside the Beat we explore the sonic imaginations of Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples. Earl explores the trippy possibilities of producing sound, while Vince takes us on a lyrical journey of inspiration through his hometown, Long Beach, CA.

    Noisey teamed up with producers from all over the world in a seven part original documentary series to investigate the genesis of their music through their own personal stories. This is Inside the Beat.

    We Spent 24 Hours With Odd Future in NYC - Watch Now:

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  • The Creepiest Redditor


    This is the greatest creepy redditor of All Time
    Original video
    I stream every day

  • Earl Sweatshirt Freestyles on Sway in the Morning | Sways Universe


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    Sways Universe, Sway In The Morning, Rap, Hip-Hop, Freestyles, Interviews, Live, Concert, Performances, Actors, Athletes, Singers, Celebrities, Television, FIlm, Shade45, 5 Fingers of Death

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  • Earl Sweatshirt - Lobby


    Lobby (prod. by Samiyam)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK

  • TEDxVancouver - Nardwuar - Do It Yourself!


    Punk Rock Journalist Nardwuar the Human Serviette wants to take you on a journey into his do-it-yourself world of investigation and adventure. Through hard work, meticulous preparation and a tremendous passion for finding out interesting facts and tidbits, he sets the stage for unexpected situations and spontaneous reactions. It is an upfront and unconventional style that has resulted in verbal attack, physical threats, desertions, and some the most insightful and genuinely engaging conversations with the biggest names in music and popular culture you might ever witness.

    About TEDx, x=independently organize event
    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-
    organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.
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  • Earl Sweatshirt - Fire in the Hole


    Fire in the Hole (prod. by Black Noi$e)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK

  • Nardwuar vs. Earl Sweatshirt & Syd Tha Kyd


    Nardwuar interviews Earl Sweatshirt & Syd Tha Kyd at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC Canada !

  • Earl Sweatshirt - God Laughs


    God Laughs (prod. by Alexander Spit)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Pitchfork


    Early man killin this shit.Pitchfork I love you and will take this down if wanted.

  • Earl Sweatshirt on Hot 97 with Peter Rosenberg


    Earl, Tyler, and Taco sit down to talk about everything -- especially the return of Earl Sweatshirt.

  • Alchemist - E. Coli ft. Earl Sweatshirt



    You see the songs, they're-
    It's what I do
    Just write the songs and sing them
    Therefore it's pure feeling
    It's complete honesty
    If you can place the origin of your fear, it will disappear

    My thoughts, dreams, plots, and my schemes
    That's what's on my mind when I toss in my sleep
    My heart like my pen when I jot and it bleed
    My cart full of sin, when I shop it's a spree
    I got some new leaves
    I'm like What's the word with you, sir?
    You just moss on a tree, I'm not concerned with you
    I leave the curb when I'm crossing the street
    I'm watching out for the Mark of the Beast
    The badge on the policeman, black carpenter pants
    A half ounce in 'em, another half ounce in my fleece
    And on account of this, go ‘head and count me out of this
    I'm out with the breeze
    I'm dodging county, it's a thousand degrees
    It's back alley shit, my nigga, look
    My eyes wide open, I'm sleepy, I'm on a highway
    Paul Giamatti, a nigga was sittin' sideways
    A bubble and a Skully when traveling through the Tri-state
    And trouble play the gun, hear it clap and it make my mind race
    Back and forth, I place fourth, keep your torch
    Got your morsels on my plate, motherfucker
    I wasn't born, mama snatched me off the motherfucking stork on a Friday
    Say that shit to my face

    If you listen sometimes, you can, you can get a whole conversation full of people talking
    Two bars and a song sometimes
    For me, knowledge is everything
    Still learning?
    I learned my whole life
    I learned something last night

  • Earl Sweatshirt - SICK! First REACTION/REVIEW


    Earl Sweatshirt finally sounds like he's found his way on SICK!

    Earl Sweatshirt - SICK! Full Album
    1. Old Friend
    2. 2010
    3. Sick!
    4. Vision ft. Zelooperz
    5. Tabula Rasa ft. Armand Hammer
    6. Lye
    7. Lobby (int)
    8. God Laughs
    9. Titanic
    10. Fire in the Hole

    Best Tracks - Old Friend, 2010, Tabula Rasa, Lye, Lobby (Int), Fire in the Hole

    Thanks for watching & have a great day!

  • Earl Sweatshirt - GHOST feat. Navy Blue


    Produced by Black Noi$e
    Stream/download FEET OF CLAY (Deluxe) now:
    Vinyl and merch:

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Lye


    Lye (prod. by The Alchemist)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK

  • Earl Sweatshirt - WHOLE WORLD feat. Maxo


    Stream/download FEET OF CLAY (Deluxe) now:
    Merch and more:

    #EarlSweatshirt #FeetOfClay

    WHOLE WORLD Lyrics:

    Running after shit I think I want to double back
    Devil’s hittin my peripheral, ton laughing
    Goin off of what I know and wanna see from that
    Growing up I know I changed, know that things happen
    Look a man in his face, dreads in his face and on the chains
    Gold writing in a day, forgot his name, but he told me never change
    We parted ways, I had to face what the man in the mirror said
    Grew complacent with the human that I was
    Angels sitting on my dome had to recognizev
    All the feelings I disguised, just dead when I bleed
    Eyes to my feet, can’t stand what I see
    World round me steady crumblin

    World Round Me

    Made a home out a house, lotta closet room
    Bones stacking like dominos
    Catacombs after the glow the battle carrion
    Get all that malice out your soul the efficacy strong
    I finish what I start, the funeral was hella long
    I fell asleep, the effigy was short
    My effervescence lost but not entirely, I shrugged the venom off
    Kept a tiny piece for times we in a war
    I like to think of life as deep, chilly water
    We in it feeling warm, swimming upstream, f**k is niggas on
    Icicles hanging in my heart, cagey as strays, stay away
    I hate to say they made me a dog, anxious
    Moving at a pallbearer’s pace, my family flanked me in the rain
    Enemy of the state, f**k a allegation
    Caskets and cradles to the grave and back again
    Thanks to the source of the creation
    A match affixed like a batch of fresh lemonade, they still couldn't fade us
    How much shrapnel can your soul take
    Visions wasn't shabby at an angle
    Phantom face in the hallway, carnations
    Angels, aura coordinated with a fit to the floor
    Lets go half on a baby, just playing of course
    Just saying maybe...later on

    Whole world round me
    Whole world round me crumbling in my vision
    Whole world round me

  • Earl Sweatshirt x MOCA - Conversation with Cheryl I. Harris


    Uproxx reports on In/between us: a conversation on art, music, and life with Thebe Kgositsile and Cheryl I. Harris at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

  • Earl Sweatshirt - EAST


    directed by Realest photographer ever

    Stream/download FEET OF CLAY:
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  • Earl Sweatshirt FUNNY MOMENTS


    E-mail (Business inquiries)

    Earl Sweatshirt's socials :

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    अर्ल स्वेटशर्ट फनी मोमेंट्स (सर्वश्र



    Earl Sweatshirt አስቂኝ ጊዜዎች (ምርጥ ማጠናቀር)

    سويت شيرت إيرل لحظات مضحكة (أفضل تجميع)


  • Earl Sweatshirt - Sick!


    Sick! (prod. by Ancestors)
    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK

  • How to Earl Sweatshirt | FL Studio Tutorial


    Flow so cold, grab a sweatshirt.
    Get 15 tracks to sample on Tracklib for free:

    Song Sampled:

    00:00 - Intro
    00:06 - Who is Earl?
    02:09 - Samples
    05:12 - Lyrical Content
    06:51 - Real Talk
    07:30 - Final Product

    This is How to Earl Sweatshirt | FL Studio Tutorial

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  • Earl Sweatshirt - Granulation


    bootleg album made by two fans of earl sweatshirt.

    our twitter links:

    download link:

    1. i (prod. randomblackdude) 0:00
    2. play it cool (prod. the alchemist) 0:49
    3. mirror (prod. samiyam) 2:40
    4. 45 (prod. the alchemist) 5:09
    5. warlord leather (prod. the alchemist) 6:24
    6. my ways (prod. randomblackdude) 7:48
    7. conscience (prod. randomblackdude) 8:37
    8. ii (prod. randomblackdude) 11:55
    9. wind in my sails (prod. the alchemist) 13:19
    10. quest / power (prod. samiyam & budgie) 15:38
    11. balance (prod. knxwledge) 18:35
    12. the truth (prod. randomblackdude) 19:54
    13. iii (prod. randomblackdude) 21:51
    14. e. coli (prod. the alchemist) 23:34

  • Earl Sweatshirt - EL TORO COMBO MEAL feat. Mavi


    Stream/download FEET OF CLAY (Deluxe) now:
    Merch and more:

    #EarlSweatshirt #FeetOfClay


    Lost my dawg to staircase
    Took the highest spot on the podium
    Ghosting niggas prolly smokin to thought of knowing us
    They loss a part of growing up
    Spurned us learned I had to keep a wedge to get out of the rough
    Fuse is clipped for nuisance disrespect cause we carried enough
    I promised I’d bury the grudge
    Preparing carrion grub
    Oops I was lost in the alley in the air but not sunk spin till loss of my
    grandma had buried the dunk
    Send bout a prayer a month through the above
    Niggas moody but imbued with the funk
    Bigger shit to do than play with food this rhyming rubiks for fun

    I do what I want
    and rue what it was later
    A looter as such confusingly up w paper
    Ima shooting ones w the judge if he sentence my nigga I been w him muzzled is from the cradle
    So we going to the grave w this shit
    If we join the second line
    The ancestor’s a hand us a drum to load the second time
    Something scary bout airing out all of the shit I compressed
    The fare getting fairer now the cost is a arm leg
    An arm leg and a head
    In all bread
    The conquest for text I’m pawning the rest
    My bompton patna spawn when donning the red
    I’m all on they neck
    Till My car park is pardoning French
    Spar with a few niggas sparking at the larger percent
    What’s the alternate when losses come as often as wins
    And imposter clique thick
    Don’t got a job I only ball off pick six
    fraught with friction in July we had shit lit as Christmas
    Hollins been sensed niggas was lying but we ain’t gon mention
    Boo hit the stu and started sweating told her it’s kitchen
    You knew the rules
    We knew how to shoot the loopholes
    jugo beaucoup loot
    And my kin n nem got the cannon you gon juke or boogaloo
    I been spinning around the answer
    Nondefinitive I just crammed it
    Outward gifted inward feel damned
    I took my lumps the bruises grooves

    What the fuck are you to do

    every time a nigga didnt spot me,
    i had to figure out my own thing
    now we at the precipice dropping/
    Harry Potter wit the Dumb D’s,
    magic hands nigga What Cheese?
    Had a chance,
    didn’t crush me/ we gon get it by our own means
    Rest In Peace in 2 my Ras G, Raw Fruit in the box seats/
    Let go then i got wings, seeing red imma charge/
    you seeing red cause you salty,
    I keep the tears out my mind reach/
    Put my fears in a box like a prayer that they won’t read/
    spirited away the whole thing/
    Here in the way i won’t leave, seen you steering into old beefs
    ticketbooths where they toll
    me/ thickets,
    thorns on the roses/ pistons roaring like im rasheed
    pistons roaring like im ben wallace/ pistons roaring like chauncey, bill up somethin cuz i been driving/
    every time a nigga didn’t spot me
    i had to figure out my own thing
    now we at the precipice dropping

  • @FreshandFit vs. @Flagrant 2


    orig video:

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  • Earl Sweatshirt - SICK! - FIRST REACTION


    Earl is back with another challenging project, sprinkled with some magical moments and great features. This one is going to take some time to really settle in.

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  • Why Earl Sweatshirt Sabotaged His Career


    Ever since he came out of the gate swinging with the rambunctious Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt has always erred toward the side of confronting hip-hop’s norms rather than abiding by them. But from March 23rd 2015 and the release of I Don’t Like Stuff I Don’t Go Outside onwards, Earl has been unafraid to alienate anyone that came along looking for an agreeable listening experience and isn’t willing to go along for the ride with him.

    #EarlSweatshirt #OddFuture #HipHopMadness

    Narrated by: Pro (@JaysnProlifiq)
    Written by: Robert Blair
    Edited by: Roman Bill
    Music by: Josh Petruccio

    © HIPHOPMADNESS 2020. All rights reserved

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Sick!


    Sick! (prod. by Ancestors)

    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #SICK!

  • Fantano REACTS to a few songs on SICK! By Earl Sweatshirt


    only a couple of songs this time D:

    0:00 Vision
    2:15 Lye
    2:54 Old Friend


  • Earl Sweatshirt - Old Friend


    Album 'SICK!' out now:

    #EarlSweatshirt #OldFriend #SICK

  • NEW RORY & MAL | Cha Cha Chicken


    RORY & MAL head to LA and sit with Earl Sweatshirt, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, and Justice of LVRN and discuss LA vs NY vs ATL, if Earl play Mal at Cha Cha Chicken, what type of guy their friends are around women, WS being Eminem's hype man, paying for companionship, and more!

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    Official Instagram: @roryandmalshow
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  • Earl Sweatshirt - Lye lyrics


  • Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat PEACE



    *free for non profit, must credit me tho psychedelic friend*

    twitter: @psychdelcfri3nd

    BPM: 74

    Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat PEACE
    Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat PEACE
    Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat PEACE

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