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Radio Station of Megaphonim - Kesef Katan (Simple Symmetry Remix)

  • Monolink - Return To Oz


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    artwork by

    #monolink #artbat #ReturnToOz

    Monolink - Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix)

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  • DJ Ehud Rath - Mini Techno Set 2020 | די גיי אהוד רט - מיני סט טכנו 2020


    מיני סט טכנו 2020 של די ג'יי אהוד רט.


    1. Rak Techno אני שומעת רק טכנו
    2. Monolink - Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix)
    3. Stadiumx- Legend
    4. Gettoblaster - Future Funk (Yuval Log POWER EDIT)
    5. Tomer Bracha - Jungle (Amir Udai Rework V2)
    6. Sagi Abitbul - Pagati (Extended Mix)
    7. AfterU - Dushanbe
    8. Chemical Surf - Pararam
    9. IDAN Rahamim & Kobi M - Like This (Original Mix)

    ©כל הזכויות שמורות למפיקים והיוצרים


    קצת עלי:
    אני אהוד רט, בן 18, די ג'יי ויוצר מוזיקה חובב. את הטראק הראשון שלי יצרתי אי שם בגיל 12 ומאז אני מתחבר מאוד לתחום יצירת המוזיקה. אשמח אם תיכנסו לערוץ שלי כדי לשמוע עוד מהטראקים שלי :)


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  • Psykovsky - Hellove Ja Wohl Yo


    Final track on Da Budet (2009) by the grandmaster of darkpsy, Psykovsky!

  • Khidja - Indecis


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    Khidja ‎– Never Seen The Remixes , 12 / [Emotional] Especial ‎– EES019

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  • Bonga - mona ki ngi xica


    Synapson's new single 'Yise' feat Bongeziwe Mabandla
    Available here:

    Original song :

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    © Diez Music / Diez Inc. / Victor Production

  • Megaphonim - Megaphon Unterman


    ♫ Info + Buy ♫:
    Notable electronic Hebrew project “Megaphonim” who were well known for their musical ventures in the ’90s are back again with Tel Aviv's forward-thinking Unterman imprint. After being jailed for 18 months for unclear reasons their music took a course that engraves despair, hope and bits of humour in their sound and vocals. This EP Sofer Stam consists of 7 originals and 3 remixes, from the Russian melodic expressionist “Simple symmetry and the Israeli trendsetters “Red axes” and “Kino Todo.

    Our pick for today is the remix from “Kino Todo” who provides a version infused with bouncy and fresh percussions and granting the sharp bass line to do the job of the melody with an ultimate aim to create a dance floor weapon.

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  • Takiru, Mosko, Dor Reuveni - Caprice


  • Nu & Jo Ke - Who Loves The Sun


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    Bar 25 Movie:

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    Label: BAR25 Music
    Release: 2011-07-12
    Cat. No: BAR25-019
    Artists: Nu
    Remixer: Chris Schwarzwaelder, Acid Pauli
    Release Title: We Love The Sun
    Release Type: EP
    Medium: digital / vinyl
    Territorry: ww

    A nomad of modern times, who has travelled the continents with his music, Nu is as diverse in his musical styles as he is well travelled.
    Taking influences from his various homes, such as Switzerland, Germany or Peru, the producer and trained sound engineer branched out into various genres (deep house, hip hop, trip hop, ambient, experimental, dance and even film and dance theatre music composition). Through this years-long musical journey Nu then found his true calling: instrumentals amalgamated with his electronic production all held together through solid rhythms.
    Nuʼs music has a strong emphasis on live performance. He fuses clean-cut minimal techno with the raw sounds of his analog synthis and his self-made instruments. He works with anything from self-recorded samples, over drum and synthesizer machines to multi touch screen controllers. He has collaborated with various artists, labels, corporations and events, such as VJ Sanch, Node Festival, Pixel Festival, Bachstelzen, Fusion, Goldmund, Yosoy records, Puma Records, WHITE and of cause BAR25.

    1. NU - Who Loves The Sun (Original Mix)
    2. NU - Who Loves The Sun (Acid Pauli´s Let It Be Naked Remix)
    3. Nu & Chris Schwarzwälder - Dance In My Pants (Original Mix)

  • Captain Hook - Origin TAS Visuals


    ‼???? CD, Downloads & Shirts:
    3 x Vinyl:
    Captain Hook - Origin is my new album released on Iboga Records in Nov. 29th, 2018. Enjoy the full audio-visual trip with exclusive visuals by TAS Visuals.

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    Track list:
    1. Captain Hook - Let there be Light 0:00
    2. Captain Hook - Time and Space 13:02
    3. Captain Hook & Ritmo - Infinity 25:48
    4. Captain Hook & Tetrameth - The Ever Present Silent Observer 34:54
    5. Captain Hook - Origin 43:02
    6. Captain Hook & Lish - Frankie's Wish 53:12
    7. Captain Hook - Deep Into Nature 1:02:31
    8. Captain Hook - Serenity 1:16:17

    Video by TAS Visuals

    Captain Hook - Space Tube 25:

    Captain Hook @ Ozora Festival 2019 [Full Set Movie]:

    Follow Captain Hook:

    Captain Hook is one of the top DJs, musicians and producers on the Psychedelic Trance (Psytrance) & Progressive Trance scene. Traveling a diverse musical path, Reshef Harari always achieved success guided by the frequencies.
    From the early days of DJing with vinyls, through the successful collaborative project Quantize, the visit to Techno-land as Sheff with releases at top labels, and finally as Captain Hook, with which he took over the world by storm.
    With four top selling albums at Iboga Records, countless single and compilation releases and collaborating with the likes of: Astrix, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, LOUD, Atmos, GMS, Tetrameth and ill.Gates.

    He has played in every conceivable festival, party and venue all around the globe. Among them: Boom Festival, Ozora Festival, Burning Man, Universo Paralello, EDC, Rainbow Serpent, Fusion, Tribe, Antaris, Adhana, Psy-Fi, Dreamstate, Global Eclipse Gathering, Freqs of Nature, Earthcore & Airbeat One.

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    #Psytrance #PsychedelicTrance #CaptainHook

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  • Miss Monique - Live @Atlas Weekend 2020 Progressive House DJ Mix


    Miss Monique presents new Progressive House / Melodic Techno DJ mix from Atlas Weekend Festival (Virtual Stage 4k) (July 2020)

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    Groove Melodic Techno Night:

    Pure Progressive House Day:

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    South America:



    Atlas Weekend:

    #MissMonique #ProgressiveHouse #atlasweekend

  • Dj tiesto - Titanic remix


    ~titanics sinking~ cuz its going down!!!! plz enjoy
    also credits to
    dj mangoo
    dj tiesto -titanic

    HI GUYS =D i hope you liked my mash up please like sub and be sure to like my facebook page =D.

  • דיגיי יובל לוג - סט להיטים 2021 | PassOver Hits Set - Mixed By Dj Yuval Log


    #עומראדם #סטלהיטים #איילגולן

    דיג'יי יובל לוג - חוויה מוסיקלית
    Dj Yuval Log - A Musical Experience
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    SoundCloud -

    Info - 0523-793-773



    New album 'Isles', released 22 January on Ninja Tune:

    Listen to the new single 'Atlas’:

    ‘Glue EP’ Out Now -
    Ninjashop / Stream / Download:

    Taken from ‘Glue EP’ released 2nd November 2017 via Ninja Tune.

    Inspired by the song’s homage to the rave era, the video for Bicep’s GLUE by Joe Wilson is a series of landscapes which revisit the sites once brought alive by now infamous raves. Today they sit desolate and empty, retreating back to their former state, with little to show of their impact they had on UK music culture. The static shots offer space to reflect on the importance and idiosyncrasy of these locations and how an abandoned lido, remote airfield and disused warehouse helped to shape the lives of a generation.

    Juxtaposed with the images are the hazy, fragmented recollections of those who were there, lifted from Youtube comment sections of the genre’s most defining sounds. Perhaps the most beautiful and poignant pieces of evidence from the period, they eulogise over a time of unity and euphoria, and are a longing to be returned for just one more night.

    Film by Joe Wilson (
    Executive Producers: Saskia Whinney & Freddie Fraser-Forsyth
    Producer: Carla Steinberg
    Production Company: TOPSAFE (
    Camera Assistants: Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Lottie Bea Spencer, Holly Lucas
    Colourist: Myles Bevan at Time Based Arts
    Typography: Studio Terrasse

    Follow Bicep -
    Apple Music:

  • מושיקו ינגילוב - מאמי


    אולי עכשיו שקצת כואב ולא נותר בי כוח ניתן לזמן
    להיכנס שיעזור לשכוח צעדיי כבר נמחקו אל סף דלתך הביטי
    שצעדייך עדיין עדיין כאן חברים סיפרו לי שראו אותך
    צוחקת טוב לדעת שטוב לך שם ששם את מאושרת

    מאמי כולם אומרים עלייך מספרים שאת הלכת לי
    אבל נשבע לך לא אכפת לילה עבר ולא ישנתי
    וכל דקה חשבתי רק על החיוך שלך

    תמיד היית שם בישבילי גם כשאבדה הדרך
    תמיד ידעת להילחם למצוא בי את הערך
    מילותיי כבר נמחקו מתוך ליבי תביני
    שמילותייך עדיין עדיין כאן
    בימים בהם נשארתי לבדי בחדר
    חשבתי איך לומר לך אז שכלום כבר לא בסדר

    מילים ולחן: רוני בן יוסף
    עיבוד והפקה מוסיקלית: אבי גוטמן
    קלידים ותיכנונים: אבי גוטמן
    תופים: אשר פדי
    גיטרה בס: אבי יפרח
    גיטרות ובגלמה: אריק כהן
    כינורות: מאיר משעלי
    מיקס: אבי גוטמן
    עריכה דיגיטלית: רון תיכון
    קולות רקע: אבי גוטמן
    עיצוב גרפי וסרטון: avoxvision

  • ????❄️Israeli Winter Hits 2021 - סט רמיקסים מזרחית לועזית להיטי חורף | Dj Nerya Cohen ❄️????


    Israeli Winter Hits Mix - סט רמיקסים מזרחית לועזית להיטי חורף 2021!
    Mixed By - DJ Nerya Cohen
    אז אחרי הסט המוצלח של להיטי קיץ 2020 הכנתי לכם סט מטורף של להיטי חורף 2021 עם כל הלהיטים הכי חזקים שמושמעים בכל רחבה!
    אז תהנו לכם איפה שלא תקשיבו לסט ,באוטו, במכון הכושר או סתם בבית עם חברים והעיקר שנהיה בריאים ומאוחדים!
    אם אהבתם את הסט פרגנו בלייק ,בתגובות ,שיתוף והרשמה כמנויים, מכין לכם עוד הרבה מוסיקה טובה בהמשך ומוזמנים לעקוב באינסטגרם @djneryacohen
    אוהב המון
    להאזנת סט רמיקסים מזרחית לועזית קיץ 2020

    לסגירת אירועים For Booking - +1-917-744-0667
    Wedding & Events NYC
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    Instagram :

    Facebook :

    SoundCloud :

    Website :

    רשימת שירים:
    מושיקו מור שרון יוספוב - פאוץ׳
    Mantsoor balance remix (Dj Nerya Cohen Edit)בר צברי - ג׳וני
    ליאור נרקיס - עושים כבוד ללילה ( Eli Arbiv Remix )
    איתי לוי - הולכת יחפה (Shon Hen Remix) Or Pilo Power Edit
    עומר אדם & עדן בן זקן - קוקוריקו (Omer Maman Remix)
    איתי לוי & סטפן לגר - רק בנות (Omer Maman Remix)
    סטטיק בן אל ונסרין - חביב אלבי (Erez S Rmx) ITAY BEN SENYOR FIX
    חנן בן ארי - אם תרצי (Dor Gold & Oz Hizkiya Remix)
    אייל גולן - רכבת הרים (Amir Udai & Eitan Basson Remix)
    עידן חביב - שלמים(Haim Amar Remix)
    Dua Lipa - Physical (shon hen remix)
    עדן חסון - אל תשברי לי את הלב(omer vaknin remix)
    Dennis Lloyd -Alien(sho hen remix)
    אייל גולן - נראתה לאחרונה(omer vaknin remix)
    אברהם טל - שבוע טוב (Dudu A'S Redrum)
    Dennis Lloyd - Never Go Back(kobi shaltiel remix)
    סטטיק ובן אל תבורי עם אנה זק - קוביות (Braindead Extended)
    איתי לוי - חצי בשבילי(sharon yosefov remix)
    Black Eyed Peas & Ozuna - MAMACITA (Amir Udai & Doron Shitrit Remix)
    עדן חסון - סיבובים(shon hen)
    מושיקו מור - אל תשברי לי (Amir Udai & Eitan Basson Remix)
    אליעד ושלומי שבת - מורידים את הירח(sharon yosefov remix)
    Doti - Capara(Amir Udai remix)
    Graham Bell - Pam Pam
    The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Itay Galo Remix) Nir Pinto Edit
    (yohan remix)דולי ופן & דיקלה & עידן חביב - ואז את תראי
    עדן בן זקן - אנא מג'נונה [YOHAN COHEN X Dudu A'S]Radio Ver
    דודו אהרון & עדן מאירי - בחלומות שלנו (may gadasi remix)
    בניה ברבי - קחי את הפחדים(shon hen remix)

    Graphic designer : Etty Elbaz
    Announcer : Yaniv Hadar

    © All Rights Reserved to Producer Artists Creating Players and Remixers ©
    Any copyright claim can be emailed and the material is removed from the video immediately.
    It is for entertainment purposes only.

  • שרית חדד ואייל גולן - כשהלב בוכה - מתוך המופע פעם בחיים


    מילים: יוסי גיספן
    לחן: שמואל אלבז

    כשהלב בוכה רק אלוקים שומע
    הכאב עולה מתוך הנשמה
    אדם נופל לפני שהוא שוקע
    בתפילה קטנה חותך את הדממה.

    שמע ישראל אלוקי אתה הכל יכול
    נתת לי את חיי נתת לי הכל
    בעיני דמעה הלב בוכה בשקט
    וכשהלב שותק הנשמה זועקת.
    שמע ישראל אלוקי עכשיו אני לבד
    חזק אותי אלוקי עשה שלא אפחד
    הכאב גדול ואין לאן לברוח
    עשה שיגמר כי לא נותר בי כוח.

    כשהלב בוכה הזמן עומד מלכת
    האדם רואה את כל חייו פתאום
    אל הלא נודע הוא לא רוצה ללכת
    לאלוקיו קורא על סף תהום.

    שמע ישראל אלוקי...

  • Megaphonim - Kesef Katan


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  • Simple Symmetry - Enkidu


    ♛ LC. – Lord Of Chill.
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    ⚜ Simple Symmetry :
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    ⚜ Adam Port :
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  • Michele Mininni - Hyper Martino


    -Video Upload powered by

  • Acid Arab/Simple Symmetry/Bawrut/Kaleidoscope of Hapiness/MARDON/Best of Indie Dance/Melodic Techno


    Indie Dance/Mid Tempo/Organic House/Melodic Techno/Progressive House
    Track List:
    Acid Arab - Stil
    Simple Symmetry - Fight
    Gaye Su Akyol & Simple Symmetry - Berdu
    Acid Arab & Hasan Minawi - Électrique Yarghol
    Simple Symmetry - Voodoo Your Ex
    Tipopmusik feat. Sylvia Black Mau - Who Gives a Fuck
    Rex the Dog - Sicko ( Bawrut Remix )
    Jordan - Obsession ( Bawrut Remix )
    Acid Arab feat. Cem Yildiz - Ejma
    Autarkic - Bongos Tambourines ( Simple Symmetry Mix )
    Whomadewho & Adana Twins - The Aftermath
    Maxximal Zac Ashibah - Dashot
    Grum - Blackhole
    Camelphat feat. Lowes - Easier

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  • Fabio Me Llaman Soltero - Morena Moreno


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  • Megaphonim - Kesef Katan


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  • Atmos - The Only Process


    Atmos - The Only Process (Captain Hook Remix) EP by Atmotech Recordings 2016

    Remixing The Only Process was a challenging, teaching, maturing & adventuring process!
    I remember walking around it like a cat for a while, searching for the best way to dive in. Finally what gave me the vibe was Tomasz, who told me just do your thing bro.
    I decided to open the beast and handle it with much respect. It took me more than 6 months to complete the writing and composition of the track, and several more to find the right sources and elements. During the last mixing session we chose to give the track more old-school psy trance authentic approach, the result speaks for itself: 10:31 minutes of deep, hypnotic & psychedelic trance with no breaks. The final mix and sound design was done with Ido Ophir (Domestic) who also mastered the track. The cover artwork was done by Ayelet Ish. I hope you will enjoy the trip as much as I enjoyed creating it, one love!
    Reshef-Captain Hook.

    Captain Hook:


  • Llovizna - Francisco Allendes, Felipe Venegas Cadenza


    Llovizna (Francisco Allendes, Felipe Venegas) [Luciano Remix]
    Support the Artist, buy at:
    Support the Label, buy at:

  • POLO & PAN - Mexicali


    ‣ Stream Polo & Pan :
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    Cyclorama (new album)— available now ⏳
    ‣ Stream & order :

    ???? Already supported by Solomun, Dj Tennis, Red Axes, Jennifer Cardini, Phred Noir, Tajan Secret, Plaisir de France, Id!r and many more from Ibiza to Burning Man.

    (p) & (c) 2018 Hamburger records / Ekler'o'shock records.

    Follow us ✌︎

    #Ekleroshock #PoloandPan

  • le gouffre - bagarre


    musique : le gouffre – bagarre (yan wagner belgian trip)
    montage : heliatan
    archives :
    - fase - anne teresa de keersmaeker

    - there is no desert island – mathieu bouvier, céline cartillier

    - super 8 film – joshua churchill, paul clipson

    - bike light – nicholas kovats

    - fragments #1 – urban dream sequence shot on super 8 – edmond marchetti

    - hands – zeesy powers

    - the recovery dances, week 1 : hands – uselessness project : giorgia bovo, francesco beccaro

  • Simple Symmetry - Mimino


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    Simple Symmetry ‎– Near East Confusion / Low Budget Family ‎– LBF004

  • Simple Symmetry - Enikdu Official Video


    Official video for the latest Disco Halal release!

  • Bongos & Tambourines


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Bongos & Tambourines (Simple Symmetry Remix) · Autarkic · Nadav Spiegel · Nadav Spiegel · Simple Symmetry · Nadav Spiegel · Simple Symmetry · Nadav Spiegel · Simple Symmetry

    I Love You, Go Away (The Remixes)

    ℗ Autarkic under exclusive license to Mybe Tmrw

    Released on: 2018-05-04

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • WhoMadeWho - I Dont Know


    Artists: WhoMadeWho, Stereocalypse
    Labels: Embassy Of Music
    Release Date: 01-09-2017


  • Zombies in Miami – Take Control


    Get it:
    Zombies in Miami – Take Control, released on 08.09.2017. by Correspondant - COR058
    Hot on the heels of their role on Correspondant Compilation Five, Mexican maestros Zombies In Miami return to Jennifer Cardini’s label once again this summer with two supreme space-aged head jams. Following recent disco excursions on Hippie Dance and Bordello A Parigi, the duo retreat to the shadier, heavyweight side of their signature with ‘Take Control’ and ‘Last Gun’.

    ‘Take Control’ is a glacial creeper laced with frosty electroid synths and a smouldering hypnotic beat while ‘Last Gun’ firms our focus on the looming lower tones, creating an ominous fog for the sunlight arpeggios to climb through evocatively. Complete with on-point remixes from the Lipsky brothers’ Simple Symmetry and Benefikt Frey & Nadia D’Alo’s INIT project, this will have you taking control for a long time to come.

    Also check out:
    Va - Compilation 05:

    Follow Us:


    Correspondant is the ongoing enterprise of Jennifer Cardini, established in 2011 in conjunction with renowned worldwide distributor, Kompakt Records.

    The Cologne-based label has been featuring a loose collective of both emerging and established international artists, such as Agent of Time, Roman Fluegel, Red Axes, Max Jones, Andre Bratten & more.

    Correspondant also hosts regular nights in international clubs, including Rex Club in Paris, Nitsa Barcelona, Fabric in London, and Bootleg in Tel Aviv.

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  • Red Axes - Rasss LAD055


    Support the label and artist, buy it here:

    Artist: Various
    Label: Life And Death
    Genre: Electronic
    Release date: 20 Nov 2020

    Schwarzmann - Octave Two
    Prins Thomas - Agua
    Byetone - Wheels
    Gera Akaté - Mukti
    Red Axes - Rasss
    Fango - Trattore
    Vivian Koch - Find Your Way Out
    Luciano Esse - Lost

    2020, Life And Death

  • Simple Symmetry - Nar


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  • Dandara - Pororoca feat. Anissa Damali


    Label: Acker Records
    Release: Gager

  • Zillas On Acid - A Wonderful Time In A Terrible Club


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  • Megaphonim - Yoga For Beginners



    Follow Red Axes:

    In the last few years, Red Axes have carved a name for themselves as some of the most uncompromising & consistently diverse DJs-Producers. Tel-Aviv based electronic outfit, Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, are best known for their unique version of highly effective, modernized dance music infused with spiky guitars & industrial beats.

    As producers, they've had releases on top labels such as Hivern, Correspondent, Multi Culti, Kill the DJ & more. Their tracks are constantly being played by some of the biggest DJs in the world. Their 1st album 'Ballad of the Ice' was released on I'm A Cliche. The album shows off their wide range and eclectic style.
    On stage, their rock'n'roll approach to DJing and live show has made them one of the most highly sought after acts around. They've played Europe's finest clubs, including Panorama Bar, Rex and Lux, as well as festivals like Primavera.

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  • Jenia Tarsol & Jinga - Takadoom MIDH Premiere


  • Simple Symmetry - Whip Me In The Saloon!


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    What's cowboy disco you ask? Try some guitar riffs, jazzy piano and a euphoric blues harmonic, squeezed through an italo juicer, courtesy of Russian brothers Simple Symmetry.

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  • Simple Symmetry ‎-- Incredible Adventures In Khazar Khaganate


    Glenview Records Inc. ‎-- GVR 1224

  • Radio Morocco


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  • XXX002 - Simple Symmetry - Best Ice Cream In Guwahati


    Release: XXX002
    Artist: Simple Symmetry
    Remix: Marvin & Guy
    Artwork: Sasha Tessio
    Mixed by: Simple Symmetry & Leonid Lipelis
    Mastered by: Brandenburg Mastering
    Release date: 29 | 01 | 2016

    The second installment is brought to you by Simple Symmetry. We can try to explain to you what this XXX002 'небылицы’ is all about, but we wont. Only thing we will tell you, is that this piece of art has travelled the world. Born in the heart of Moscow with a pit stop in Italy to get the final make over in Kiev.

    A1: Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz 7:29
    A2: Best Ice Cream In Guwahati 7:15
    B1: Whip Me In The Saloon! 7:13
    B2: Best Ice Cream In Guwahati [Marvin and Guy Afterhour Mix] 10:12

    All the best,

    Bart & Michiel


  • Imarhan - Imarhan


    One of the most exciting debut records in City Slang history is, with no doubt, that of Southern-Algerian band Imarhan.

    Their unique and mesmerising blend of traditional Tuareg music, jazz, funk and rock is taking the world by storm.

    On the back of their self-titled album and recent successful tour of the U.S., they now return to Europe for an extended trip. Their celebrated live shows take the hypnotic, sublime jazz, funk desert riffs to a completely new level.

    Imarhan, without fail, turn every room into a celebration, a dance party.

    The band's very first remix comes from Berlin based DJ and producer MOSCOMAN, the curator and owner of the notorious Disco Halal record label which rose to fame in the last two years for turning elements of Middle Eastern Dance Classics into post modern Club Hits.

    Moscoman works his magic with the title track and overall anthem, “Imarhan”, turning it into an exhilarating funked up desert-disco-banger!

    “Imarhan” (Moscoman Remix) is available now via Bandcamp and will soon be out on very, very limited vinyl.

    EU Tourdates:
    19/05/16: Les Nuits Botaniques — Brussels (BE)
    20/05/16: Paradiso Noord — Amsterdam (NL)
    21/05/16: Vera — Groningen (NL)
    23/05/16: Vega — Kobenhaven (DK)
    24/05/16: Turnzimmer — Hamburg (DE)
    25/05/16: fabrik — Postdam (DE)
    26/05/16: Palace — St. Gallen, (CH)
    28/05/16: Milla Club — Munich (DE)
    29/05/16: Groove Station — Dresden (DE)
    30/05/16: Zakk — Dusseldorf (DE)
    31/05/16: Het Bos — Antwerp (BE)
    02/06/16: Les Trinitaires — Metz (FR)
    03/06/16: Parc de la Baume — Dieulefit, (FR)
    30/07/16 : Port Eliot festival – Saltash (UK)
    31/07/16 : Music Room – Liverpool (UK)
    01/08/16 : The Brudenell Social Club – Leeds (UK)
    02/08/16 : Broadcast – Glasgow (UK) 03/08/16 : Hare and Hounds - Birmingham (UK)
    04/08/16 : Komedia studio – Brighton (UK)
    06/08/16 : Caught by the River Thames festival – London (UK)
    26/08/16 : Nox Orae - La Tour-de-Peilz (CH)
    02/09/16 : Into the Great Wide Open - Vlieland (NL)
    04/09/16 : End of the Road festival – Dorset (UK)

  • Benny Salvador - Brilliant Times


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  • Chloé - The Dawn


    The Dawn EP [LN006] will be out May, 19th 2017 (12inch & Digital)
    Order now :
    A - Chloé - The Dawn (Original Mix)
    B - Chloé - The Dawn (Dixon Remix)

    Photo By Noémie Goudal -
    Object : Victoria Wilmotte
    Artwork by Hello Dune Lunel -

    Sounding the promise of long days ahead and late nights to follow with its opening salvos, Chloé’s The Dawn heralds the return of the Paris-based DJ and producer, and a new dawn in her ever-evolving career.
    Indeed, The Dawn is her inaugural release on her own label Lumière Noire, which she recently set up as a separate entity and of course for her infamous Rex Club night, which has since 2014 become a bit of a club house for Parisian electronic music fans. Operating Lumière Noire as a fully-fledged label will enable Chloé to release a new full-length album (of which The Dawn is the lead single) sometime in the next few months.
    Over the ten-plus minutes of The Dawn, a spoken-word track languishes over melodic washes in a dramatic progression that evokes a novel, or noir-ish cinema – a method that the producer has taken a shine to since Take Care. This cultivation of the strange and the beautiful has become her calling card, putting her in a league with likeminded producers, who take the basic tenets of techno and inject them with their own singular poetic visions. A visual-arts analogue could be found in Noémie Goudal’s photographs which grace the EP’s cover as they will Chloé’s upcoming releases.
    This stirring aesthetic gives The Dawn a slightly cerebral dimension, which is taken to new depths by Dixon’s stubbornly technoid remix. The Berlin-based whiz kid, who has over the last few years risen to the top of the international electronic music scene, inverts Chloé’s light-drenched, full-bodied production into a tense, captivating chiaroscuro.
    The Dawn can also be explored via the “Chloé * IRCAM V2: The Dawn Interactive Mix” installation, which embodies Chloé’s music as an intimate interactive experience. It is one of the first offshoots of a constantly mutating collaboration between Chloé and the IRCAM Institution ( that began in 2015.

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  • PREMIERE: Megaphonim - Yoga For Beginners Unterman


    As dawn broke and the first rays of sun began to light up the sky, the group clambered the stairs to their studio slowly, bleary eyed and half asleep. The room overlooked the most beautiful landscape, a perfect location for them to clear their minds and enter the new day. They rolled out their mats in unison, took their place cross legged on the floor and inhaled deeply. Time to relax...

    Hebrew electronic duo Megaphonim first started operating in the 90s in Tel Aviv, but after being jailed for 18 months for unclear reasons, their productions took a different form. Adding elements of despair, hope, irony and tongue-in-cheek humour to the equation, their new sound shines on their debut album for Unterman, the label they released a single on back in 2017. Stam Sofer also features three remixes from Kino Todo, Simple Symmetry and our driving synth pick from a duo who have become synonymous with psychedelic electronic productions, Garzen records founders Red Axes.

  • זוהר אשירוב ומור כהן - מחרוזת 2020 | Zohar Ashirov&Mor Cohen ♫



    בשם השם נעשה ונצליח !

    לאינסטגרם של זוהר

    לפייסבוק של זוהר


    =-=-= קיוויתי שתשתני =-=-=
    מילים ולחן : אסי אושר

    =-=-= מאחל לך בהצלחה =-=-=
    מילים : זוהר אשירוב, דניאל שררה ונתנאל אברג'יל
    לחן : דניאל שררה

    =-=-= השריטה שלי =-=-=
    מילים ולחן : מור בן יאיר


    עיבוד והפקה מוסיקלית: אבי שבתאי
    גיטרות: נועם חרגול
    גיטרה בס: גיא דן
    תכנותים וסימפולים: אבי שבתאי
    מיקס ומאסטרינג: אלי מלמד
    עיצוב גרפי והנפשה - ירין אלוש ן 0503213997

    הוקלט באולפני ShabtaiStudio ©

    #זוהר_אשירוב #מחרוזת

  • Resonance Of Six - Untitled 4


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  • SYML - Symmetry


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